Completed #CC102

Here are the last of my tags from Creative Chemistry 102.  I'm still crafting, but I seem to be working a million miles behind everyone and still have Learn Something New Every Day to finish up.  This has lead to the decision not to participate in Journal Your Christmas this year, I think?  Well we'll just see, but I will be placing the emphasis on creating cards, decorations and gifts, with journaling taking 2nd place, if it happens at all.  So, back to the tags:
Distress Glittering, Industrial, and Coloured Crackle.  I think the Distress Glittering was the biggest disappointment for me here.  The glitter just didn't hold to the shape and continues to fall off until the poor cat is near bald.  A thicker layer of Glossy Accents was needed maybe, especially as it just seemed to sink into the porous card I had used for the die cut.
Brayered Stains, Photo Tinting, Altered Surface.  Mixed results again here, but some techniques will definitely be revisited.
Onto what I think were the newest and most exciting of the techniques.  Shabby Chic, Chalkboard and Tarnished Silver,  I don't think I could ever grow tired of these.
My tags don't really do them justice, here is a close-up of the tarnished effect and the next picture is the effortlessly Shabby Chic effect.
Great course, can't recommend it highly enough and hoping to incorporate lots of the ideas into this year's Christmas projects that I mentioned earlier.

~ Kate ~


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