Creative Chemistry 102, lesson #1, part #1

Creative Chemistry 102 got underway yesterday with a mammoth 6 techniques in the 1st lesson.  I've watched the videos and worked my way through 3 of the tags.  I need to get some die-cutting done before I can complete the rest.  I've kept the tags unembellished just showing the technique for my reference.

Distress Paint marbling:
Eroded metal (needed a bit more diluting, but worked on the 1st attempt):
Distress Paint resist (very pleased with this one):
Whilst I was watching and working yesterday I had help from the Branston Pickle.  he wanted to join in so he used a piece of card to swipe clean the mat after each technique.
It dried inbetween each one and he built up the layers.

Mega busy at the moment not helped by having extra chores from the children like 'Mum, I need lard for my cookery lesson tomorrow!'  I've invested in a new Dyson compact upright vacuum which should be here soon, I'll let you know whether I think it was worth the money once I've given it a test drive.

The housework's mounting up and after a bit of creative dry spell I've loads of ideas I can't wait to try.  Not forgetting the revamp of the craft corner and my new storage ideas.  There just aren't enough hours in the day.

~ Kate ~


Laura said…
Love the top tag
and good work Branston Pickle!! :)
Robin Spitzer said…
The distress paint resist turned out beautiful! they all did!

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