Half term baking

Having different schools take different half term breaks is very annoying for some families, but its worked out quite nicely for us this time around.  The Dinky Diva had a few days off at the end of last week without the boys and we spent one of those baking.
She made vegetable samosas following a recipe from Ruby Loves, one of the few magazines she takes any interest in.

I tackled giant Mickey Mouse biscuits from part 1 of Disney Cakes and Sweets.  The different stages took all afternoon, but by the time the boys were back from school they were out of the oven.
I managed to keep a few back for icing and piped an outline on in chocolate using one of these amazing Lekue gadgets (I can't find the actual one I bought it had less bits to it and was far cheaper.)  I was going to fill in with white icing but at the rate they were getting eaten it just wasn't worth it!
Had some work done at the dentist yesterday, so all I can do is look at biscuits and dream!  Hoping the inflammation dies down soon, until then, pass me another yogurt.

~ Kate ~


Yum Yum Looks so good.
Lisa-Jane said…
Isn't it lovely to have time with one of the children on their own! Great looking goodies there.

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