Sewing with Eclectic Elements

Before I even start I need to make it very clear I CANNOT SEW.  It's one of those skills they try and give you at school and I think my abilities end right where I left off Home Economics lessons at about age 12.  However, Tim Holtz's has brought out Eclectic Elements, a fabric line with Coats, so it's compulsory to buy some, right?  No? Oh well, commencing here the 1st in a series of projects involving fabric entitled 'If I can sew it, anyone can!'
1st up a mini needle case for my travel sewing kit.  Yes, I know, a person who can't sew, but has a travel sewing kit.  Never underestimate the ability of a child to break the fastening on his/her dance costume 10 minutes before being called before the examiner.  It's either sew or die!
I've kept it rustic, stitches showing, raw edges.  That's on purposes, right, not because I can't manage anything else ;p  Using one 5" square folded over, there's just enough room inside for a selection of needles and pins, plus I will add a few safety pins, when I can find some.
So, I can't sew, but I'm not going to let that stop me.  I needed a needle case and now I have one and a cute little Tim Holtz one at that!

Stay tuned for the next installment of 'If I can sew it, anyone can!' where I will attempt to die cut Eclectic Elements fabric and sew it onto denim!

~ Kate
Need Eclectic Elements fabric?  I got mine in the UK from That's Crafty! or in the US you could try Inspiration Emporium.


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