Unexpected Sunshine

I was reading May Flaum's blog this morning and it sounds as though her week had been similar to mine.

Little hiccups in my day have lead to hours spent sorting them out.  2 unexpected trips to town to buy groceries when I should have been relaxing enjoying Creative Chemistry 102.  3 trips to different schools for parent meetings and careers fayres.  Stroppy teenagers, and so it went on.

Then this morning the power button on the router failed to light up.  I did all the technical stuff - jiggled the wires, unplugged it and plugged it back in again.  The light flickered on and I quickly went into my TalkTalk account to see what could be done. As I logged in their system assessed my connection and, before I had pressed a button, diagnosed that there was a problem with my router and a box popped up offering to send me a free new one.

A little ray of sunshine on my rainy day.

~ Kate ~  



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