What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday 226

It's time for the Wednesday snoop around the world's creative spaces via WOYWW.  The reorganisation of my studio craft corner is still slowly underway.  This week I've sorted my most recent/favourite 12x12 papers.
Some are by manufacturer and most of the odd pages are by colour in the homemade box file.  I did have them by pattern e.g. hexagons, woodgrain etc, but that wasn't working for me.
I've always liked those home magazines which feature real homes with beautiful kitchens, so what could be more perfect than such a magazine all about creative peoples studios?
A bit expensive, but I can see myself looking over it until the pages fall apart.  Tucked on the bottom there is an item I'm working with at the moment.  Tim's fabrics from That's Crafty.  Watch out for some poorly hand sewn projects coming very soon, if I can do it anyone can!

Lastly, I've been on the lookout for stamp storage.  It's a problem that seems to have existed since stamps were invented and as a 'stamper' I have a bigger problem than many.  All ideas and links welcome, after all it's the day for nosing around at how others are organised.  In the meantime, my 1st one of these arrived on Monday and I'm thinking a pile of them filled with stamps and labelled might look very neat and tidy.
~ Kate ~  


Donna Wheat said…
morning, great to have a nosey around your desk, as for the problem of stamp storage, I too am a stamper, I store all my unmounted stamps in CD cases (with the black bit taken out)there is a picture on last weeks WOYWW, Donna #47
If anyone could invent a fantastic storage system for us crafters that didn't cost an arm and a leg, they would make a fortune! I see potential with the box though. Hugs. Pam#41
CraftygasheadZo said…
Us crafter's are always looking out for the next storage idea aren't we? I store my stamps on laminated sheets in files. It works for me but I forget what I have so really should index them but that's a mammoth job! Take care Zo xx 65
Sarah said…
Oh good luck with the sorting .... I'm in the midst of reorganising too! Happy WOYWW Sarah x #78
Kate Hadfield said…
Oh I need to get that Studios magazine! I feel some shopping coming on now :) Good luck with the organisation!
Kate #51
Lea.H said…
love how organised your paper stash looks, i think i need a new way of organising! Lx
Stamp storage can make you weep. I do little bins with shallow drawers for the wood mount. The ones that are just rubber I paint the back with tack it again and again glue and put on sheet protectors in 3-ring binders. The ones in DVD style cases go on DVD shelving units. The clear ones.... are piled in every available box, bin and drawer. I got nothing on them. The sheet protector thing isn't working so good for the long term as some stamps are losing their stick. Pfft! It can make you weep. I like how you organized your paper stash. I've tried all sorts of things for mine too. Colors, patters, size, manufacturer, etc. Now I put most of them in bins by season. I found that works for me. Ultimately it has to be what works for you. This is definitely a good blog hop to get ideas from!!!!
StampinCarol said…
Sorting... what a challenge! And stamp storage.... I've seen so many different ideas. Good luck with both! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #84
Andrea said…
sounds like the organising is working out like your 12x12 paper storage... mines are in a drawer! and good luck with the stamp arranging I dont have a huge amount but the same dilemma ..what to do with them !..looking forward to see how you get on with the graze boxes have a fab week and thanks for sharing Andrea#38
Lunch Lady Jan said…
No purpose whatsoever! But they are really in fashion, every pooch had one at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.....I'm just following the trend ;-)
Lots of storage potential there...good luck,
Hugs, LLJ 45 xx
Lisa-Jane said…
Ah yes, it is a conundrum. I have mine jumbled up in a basket but it is rather messsy now so I can imagine your stash would fill a fair number of them! I've seen wonderful things done with file folders, something like this pre-made one http://www.cre8tiveonline.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=7089

Have fun browsing ;-)
Anonymous said…
I totally get the stamp storage thing :) I think the graze boxes look like they will fit the bill. Hope you share the end result.....
I am determined to get some visits in before tomorrow!

Happy (late AGAIN!) WOYWW!
Mary Anne (35)

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