What's on your workdesk, Wednesday #227

It's another Wednesday and time for worldwide workdesk wonders at WOYWW.  My organisation has moved on a step with new storage for my Craft Stamper free stamps and other similar sized items.
I picked up a pair of these trading card files at Smyths for £1 each, it originally had this in it.
Luckily all the branding pages just slid out and I was able to turn it into this.
The stamping side of the stamps sort of clings to the pocket, I found if you put them in inside their packets they just kept sliding out again.
Other find this week include this candle jar and holder that I might separate and turn into 2 altered projects.  In the meantime, it will make a nice photo prop.
And here's the Moomin tin I picked up at Oxfam. AS you can see, I do love Moomins!  Someone needs to licence some stamps of them.

~ Kate ~


Julie Woodward said…
Hi Kate. Great storage idea for the stamps....sometimes I think I spend as much on my storage as my crafting!!! Have a great week.
XX Juile (paperpathway) 59
CraftygasheadZo said…
Super storage idea! Not sure Keagan would like me nabbing his WWE cards books though, they would be perfect! Take care Zo xx 73
Jackie said…
What a great way to store those stamps from Craft Stamper
Jackie 40
Kate Hadfield said…
Oh don't you just love it when you find a cheap and easy storage solution for crafty bits and bobs?! That Moomin tin is lovely too, I haven't seen the Moomins for years - what a blast from the past!
Happy WOYWW! Kate #54
Karen Busby said…
Great storage idea and the candle holder is sweet. Thanks for sharing.
Karen Busby no.57 x
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Best stamp storage I've seen yet!! The Salisbury charity shops are good aren't they? Love your Moomin tree :-)
Hugs, LLJ 44 xx
Anonymous said…
The storage looks like a very good idea, but isn't this the kind of plastic that damages the stamp? I hardly know the names of plastics, but I do know there were some that weren't good for your clearstamps. If this one is safe, then I'll definitely have to go and have a look! Books like these can probably be easily found in gamers workshops, or card-trading shops (where people can play and trade collectable cards).
Debbie #53
Ria Gall said…
Hi Kate
you have had a week of finding wonderful things to use with your crafting. I am always on the lookout for bits that can be altered in some way
Happy WOYWW and wishing you a great week
Ria #50
Wow, I'd forgotten all about Moomins! Just goes to show what treasures you can find in a charity shop! Great idea for the stamp storage. Hugs. Pam#37
Spyder said…
Thanks for your visit! I'm a bit behind! Love your 'finds' very useful! and my Harry Potter thing....I'll just look,....oh its the Warner Bros Studio Tour 'The making of Harry Potter passport' you have to 'find' things on the way round and stamp with an embosser on the different papes, it was a great day, I loved it, and must go back again...I had butterbeer and there's a pic on my blog (March) where I'm flying on a broom-stick! Happy WOYWW! #36

Kyla said…
oh brilliant idea with the stamp storage (I have all my craft stamper ones in a clear VHS box, but that means I need to root around to find the one I want! Yours is much better).

I too am doing CC102 but I have made all the tags....yours are very impressive, its a fabulous course!
~Thanks for visiting my desk already
kyla 71
505whimsygirl said…
Hi Kate,

Great small stamp storage! Don't you love how us crafters think outside the box.

Happy belated WOYWW
Peace, Kay (19)
Twiglet said…
I love surfin round a few charity shops for crafty bargains - almost as good as our car boot sale!! x Jo
I recognise some of the Craft Stamper stamps! I have min in a little folder designed to store trading cards as well, but I use those big sheets for my sentiment stamps. Great minds eh? Still playing catch up with WOYWW!! Thanks for the visit, Cindy

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