In Remembrance

This weekend 3 or us traveled to Lydiard Park for SMO to take part in Run2Remember and to visit the field of Remembrance.  A journey that SMO makes every year, but this time the Dinky Diva and I joined him as his support crew.
It was a very worthwhile day.  There was a skydiving display from Jump4Heroes.
Which included the release of poppies at 11000 feet (the dark patch in the following picture, just beneath the 2 skydivers.)
After a few tunes from a Military Wives Choir, which brought a tear to the eye of many, the runners lined up for a very muddy off.

SMO managed 11K in around 1 hour 12 minutes which was great as a bad back had prevented him from doing more than a couple of practice runs.

After the run we visited the field of remembrance, where the sheer number of little wooden crosses bearing poppies, photos and messages is hard to fathom.
This is the plot we particularly visit and the picture below is the view to the right, all those who have died since 2006.
Too many crosses.

~ Kate ~


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