Is it nearly Christmas?

I don't know where this last week has gone to, they certainly hasn't seemed to be any time in my schedule for crafting even with a beautiful box of new goodies from Blue Moon Beads awaiting my attention!

I had to go shopping this morning for some bits and pieces, some of which I'd ordered online.  There's a new trend to offer free 'postage' if you collect the goods yourself in store - Tesco, Marks and Spencer, New Look to name a few.  The alternative is a hefty postage charge and all of a sudden internet convenience isn't quite so convenient any more.
Whilst I was in town I stopped by Paperchase to look at their new Christmas products.  Lots of clean and simple style Christmas cards, also intricate cut work with prints imitating it and chalkboard style.  Plenty of kraft colour including all of their packaging. Crafters are definitely ahead of the trend this year.
Even Costa have a cup in kraft and Christmas bright colours.  They are top of my good list today with their gluten free Christmas cake back in stock on the shelves.  Christmas shopping can be much more fun if you take a break part way through in your favourite coffee shop that stocks gluten free goodies - competitors take note.

I'm in a quandary about whether to get a light weight down gillet.  Outdoor loving friends have recommended RAB to me as a must and, with an event coming up that involves standing in a field all day, I'm tempted.  However, I have serious issues about the price!  Are they really worth it, any opinions?

~ Kate ~   


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