2013 is so last year!

My plan for 2014 is going fine (although I'm only really 2 days in!) and I thought it would be a good idea to kick start my creativity so I've signed up for not one, but two online courses.  The first is with the wonderful May Flaum.
The first time I 'met' May was with the Fiskateers and I have been following her work ever since. Craft With May is the new home for her online classes and the Creative Retreat caught my eye as there are some great instructors lined up.  Links on May's blog currently offering discounts for advanced sign-up.

The second course is with Shimelle.  There is something about Shimelle's videos that draws me to them, not just the inspiration and ideas, but some je ne sais quoi that makes me happy.  The latest class is 'Return to the collection' and is video based, so that was me signed up.
It also happens to be about using one collection to make several layouts and I have just picked up this Amy Tangerine, Yes Please collection for a great price at TK Maxx, so my plan is to make that the base for my pages.

Over the weekend I started to completely strip out my craft supplies for reorganisation prompted by the need to remove a baby changing unit from the corner of the bedroom.  It was one of those awful jobs I had been putting off as it involved practically emptying the room to reach, dismantle and remove it.  At this point I can confirm that it is out!!  But, a lot of boxes and bags remain all over the floor extending out into the hallway.  If I can just get them all sorted by 20 Jan I shall have my reward - 2 online classes and with a brand new space to work on them.

~ Kate ~   


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