No time to craft?

Well that last week has just flown by.  My plan to organise my time went well.

Monday: Had to work, but as it was pre-booked I was able to do a bit of cleaning and tidying on the Sunday.
Tuesday: Sorted lots more of my craft supplies.
Wednesday: Transported loads of garden waste to the dump, definitely a step forward there.
Thursday: Had 2 appointments in town so that scuppered my plans.  I managed to sort some of my jewellery supplies in the evening, but I need to crack on now and finish the necklace I'm working on as it's perfect for a Valentine's theme.
Friday: Worked.
Weekend: The Christmas decorations were languishing in a box on the floor so I managed to get them tidied and stashed away and at the same time I pulled out the hand-me-down clothes that were waiting for the boys to grow and sorted through them.  I'd promised my nephew one of our big Lego sets for his birthday and it took the rest of my weekend to find all the parts and build it before I then dismantled it all and gift wrapped it.

Full steam ahead with the plan for this week.  Jewellery making is top of the list for creative time, but who has time to craft right now?  Have you seen all the amazing video footage, blog updates and photo galleries that are coming out of CHA?  The Paperclipping sight has so much footage alone, I can hardly drag myself away to start on today's cleaning schedule!!

~ Kate ~


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