Thinking about 2013

For me it feels like 2013 happened from September onwards as my circumstances changed and my daily life with it.

One of those changes was an increase in my working hours (at a local pre-school) and gone was the leisurely outlook to my daily routine.  The result of this was that things just didn't get done, if you leave stuff til the last minute and then the last minute gets hijacked there really isn't any time left.  Lots of my plans and projects for Christmas just fell by the wayside.  Learn Something New Every Day from September remains unfinished, but as it was such an important time for me I will go back over it, complete it and learn from it.

After Christmas I did do something to liberate my creativity.  I deleted all of the e-mails for Journal Your Christmas 2013.  I'm just bringing LSNED over into 2014 (plus one sewing project) everything else will be a fresh creative start.

A new routine and a new outlook for 2014 is needed..............................

~ Kate ~


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