Return to the Collection - Completed

Here are the last few pages that I haven't shared from Shimelle's Return to the Collection class.

One of the 6 videos concentrated on a double page combining a 12x12 and a divided page protector.  Again I haven't managed to find anywhere to photograph them together!
There were lots of ideas for making the two pages blend together.  I've used the same stamps, flower stickers and washi tape here.  I don't think it really notices, but I only buy divided pages protectors in 6x4 format and then make up little fake 3x4 sections attached to a card if I want that design.
Close-up of the painty technique Shimelle demonstrated.
This all left me with the blank back of the 6x4 page in my album and I decided to make an extra closing page for the day's events that I was recording.  Using my fake 3x4's on the other side meant that I didn't have to use that format on this page.  I added a couple of cards and a die-cut from the BasicGrey Capture waterfall kit to compliment the orange already in the Amy Tangerine kit I was using.  The page nicely closes the day and fills in the details of why we were in London.  The actual photos of the dancing will be in my separate dance album which I've started working on and will use mainly divided page protectors and Project Life kits.

Apart from that album, I've also embarked on a mammoth 23 pages in one go this weekend.  Shimelle very kindly gave us exclusive limited access to her original class The Perfect Collection and I've been making the most of it scrapping a camp the family went on in 2010.  I need a little time to give the pages some finishing touches and then I will video them as there's far too many to photograph.  Hopefully that will also give me time to get rid of the awful cough I am struggling with.  It's into its 4th week (due to a stomach bug keeping my immune system low.)  I have some antibiotics now, so it will be defeated (I hope!)

~ Kate ~  


Lisa-Jane said…
Oh dear :-( I hope it clears soon!

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