The BoBunny Problem

As my mouse hovered over the checkout for another piece of 12x12 storage, I thought to myself 'Why do I need this?'  I have 12x12 cube storage, Artbins and hanging files, why do I need more?  So, I started a huge turnout of my paper supplies and made some scary discoveries.

I knew that I had boxes dedicated to certain manufacturers, but as I looked through an entire Artbin of untouched BoBunny products I was shocked and nearly in tears.  How could I have bought all this stuff and never used it?  There were whole collections, unopened embellishment packs and multiples of double sided papers bought because both sides were so nice.  I was overwhelmed.

One of the reasons it remained untouched was that old idea that my project wasn't 'good enough.'  That the products deserved some mythological better project that was going to happen some time in the future.
Totally unconnected picture of cute notebooks made using Lisa Moorefields ideas with Project Life cards 
My first instinct was to shut the lid and slide the box back in where I'd found it.  Instead I resolved to tackle the BoBunny problem.  I separated out the patterned papers, cut apart sheets, embellishments and so on and mixed them into my filing of other similar products where they could be seen and used.  Any little scraps of paper where I had cut into a (duplicate!) sheet I threw away!  The hoarding of BoBunny in this house has ended.
And that new piece of 12x12 storage?  Well I still went ahead and bought it.  I had wanted a metal rolling cart for quite a while, like the Ikea Raskog trolleys, but they are quite expensive; then I spotted an Advantus one reduced to £19.95 and it was too good a bargain to miss!

~ Kate ~   


CraftygasheadZo said…
Oh yes I recognise this!! But I've started to use my papers etc in my Project Life and Smash books. That way I get to keep them but they are used. I wouldn't use them on others stuff cos I didn't want to waste them! Take care Zo xx

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