WOYWW #249

It's a while since I was a WOYWWer, but some attempts at massive tidying and organisation mean that I have something to share today in the weekly desk nosy.  If you are new to WOYWW, you can find all the details on Julia's blog.
I've some new washi tape storage.  They were in a cookie jar which they out-grew, then they moved to a clear box, but they were too jumbled for frequent use.  I thought I would try this tray out after seeing someone using a cutlery tray online (sorry I didn't note who you were,)
I like to use washi tape on my projects so the open tray seemed worth a try and it also fits inside one of my larger boxes if for some reason I need to stash it away.  Note there is lots of space for more tape and sorting by colour means I can see there are some definite deficits -- like a good navy?
My creative side is leaning towards scrapbooking at the moment and my desk currently contains 23 part made pages (about half a dozen of which are in divided page protectors due to the sheer number of photos.)  I'm following parts of Shimelle's The Perfect Collection with a sprinkling of ideas from numerous other places.  The plan is for a video of the finished pages.

Other than the scrapbooking and my weekly jewellery creation, I've no other projects on the go.  I keep thinking that I will start something at any moment, but it doesn't seem to happen.  That doesn't seem to stop me trawling through the new season's releases and buying new stash and gadgets, funny that!

~ Kate ~    


fairy thoughts said…
Hi Kate lush colours .... So zingy
Janet @52
Annie said…
Hi Kate. I'm sure inspiration will jump up at any moment :-) love what you've done with the washi tape. I'm looking for any good storage ideas for my new sewing room when we get moved :-)
Annie.x. #50
That's a lot of washi tape!! Great colours ans storage. Thanks for stopping by. Happy WOYWW, Cindy #58
Sandy Leigh said…
Oh my goodness, I could have so much fun with that washi tape! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #12
Twiglet said…
A great storage solution Kate - if only you would come along and organise all my stash! x Jo #46
Glad to see you back at WOYWW. I'm a big fan of washi tape, but I was only gifted with a tiny bit of a roll. Love all of yours and the awesome way you organized them. Happy WOYWW from #7.
CraftygasheadZo said…
Washi storage is always interesting, I have mine in a plastic basket but yes the collection is outgrowing the basket so may have to follow suit & try similar!! Take care Zo xx 82
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Hi there! Thanks for dropping by earlier on :-)
I think your washi storage is an inspired idea. keeps them from rolling around and you can see them all easily. No scrabbling around to find the one you want...it's all there. Fab!
Hugs, LLJ 41 xx
Ann B said…
Great storage idea, wouldn't have thought yo use a cutlery tray but it works fine.
Thanks for visiting my desk.
Ann B
Lisa-Jane said…
I've not seen a decent navy anywhere but I find it hard to locate even on PP which is a shame. I've loved divided pages - definitely good for getting lots of photos done. #46
BJ said…
Great washi tapes and storage. BJ#39
Julia Dunnit said…
The only navy tape I have HS other coloured spots on it..haven't seen any other, come to think of it. I like the divided pages, great for a really full on session or particular occasion.
Kyla said…
Washi tape, love the stuff...SO versatile and takes up so little room :-)

You have some fabulous ones that I have not seen before....I think I need to scour the shops again!

Thanks for visiting my desk already

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