Gluten Free Oats - a rant!

Gluten free oats used to be a mysterious and rare substance.  After all oats are gluten free, right?  Well yes they are, but they become contaminated in the milling process (by wheat or rye for example.)  In the last 18 months or so I have seen them become much more readily available and lots of gluten free products now contain them.

This matters not a jot if, like me, you can't eat oats, whether they are gluten free or gold plated they are still oats.  Oats naturally contain a substance called avenin, which for some people will have a similar affect on their digestive system as gluten.  I can vouch for this as I sit here this evening with stomach cramps awaiting other digestive misery!

I've been seriously avoiding gluten for about 12 years.  I tried gluten free oats but they weren't an option for me.  Regrettably, I think I am in the minority as even a mini survey of gluten free friends on twitter hasn't turned up an oat free pal.

Whilst the options for delicious, gluten free convenience foods widen my options are shrinking.  Tesco Free From cookies, that I used to love, now have an improved recipe.
They've added gluten free oat flour!

Today I bought and ate a 9bar, as I've done many times before.  Love 9bar, gluten free snacks and here was a new 'breakfast' one in a box at the till that I hadn't tried before.  Labelled gluten free, has the crossed grain symbol.
Quick scan of the allergens in bold, no problems there.
My own fault, I suppose, I should have stood in the store, at the till, with the queue behind me and read every single ingredient as I realise I now must do with every gluten free product I buy in future.  

There is a possibility that the minuscule writing under the crossed grain symbol is the incorrect licence and I will be looking into this further, checking other similar products.  But, in the meantime, I may need to buy a magnifying glass to take shopping with me!

~ Kate ~ 


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