Bag End Cake

Me: What birthday cake do you want this year?

Him: A Hobbit house.

Me: What?  Bag End!

Him: Yes, with a round door.

Well I had to give it a go and, after a look at some beautifully crafted cakes on Google Images, I came up with a poor imitation.
I think I have made a pretty good job of it, even if I do say so myself.  Excuse the fingerprints on the chocolate door, it was melting before I could do anything with it in this heat.

Whilst on the table waiting to be eaten it attracted the attention of a few hungry dwarves.
Froddo seems pretty pleased.  Sorry purists, I've mixed Hobbit dwarves with Froddo from Lord of the Rings, I was just too excited to notice.  Let's face it, I don't remember Beorn, Arwen and bald Gandalf twins on a boat either, but that seems to be what the boys have going on in the background!
Note to self: make more themed cakes so that I can make scenes out of them with Lego, this kept me amused all afternoon!

Oh, and when Himself saw it.  Well, initial disappointment that the people weren't edible (yeash there's no pleasing some!) but very pleased with it after that and assures me it tastes great.

~ Kate ~   


Laura said…
You've just been elevated to the level of genius-cake-maker! :D

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