Camp Scrap

There are over 40 photos in my July file waiting for me to write some blog entries, 2 of them actual projects so I think I can declare creativity is back.

One thing that's top of my list at the moment is Camp Scrap.  If you haven't taken one of May's classes before I highly recommend them.  We're still in week one of Camp Scrap so plenty of time to join in.  I've signed up for all the classes, but they are available individually, and the content so far is great, loads of videos.  Get all the details and sign up at Craft With May.    

As well as getting creative I have, of course, been shopping.  2 great photo props have come my way.
This cute bird house with a tin roof from the TK Maxx bargain bin.  It has a little fence running down each side so great to photograph from all angles.
Secondly, my local florist had these in a bin outside for £1.  I've seen them so many times propping up peoples cards I just had to get a couple of sizes.

There, that's one blog update done.  Just another dozen to go!!

~ Kate ~   


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