Learn Something New

Shimelle tweeted a reminder earlier today that next week is the start of September and so time for her annual Learn Something New Everyday online course/challenge.  First of all there is no way that next week can be September.  Are you sure you folks just haven't got this wrong somewhere?

Last September saw a shakeup in my personal life and, as the craziness landed in mid-September, my LSNED book remains a lasting record of my state of mind at the time.  Changes in my life and priorities have left their mark.  I now have much less time and inclination to pursue my creative hobbies and I dream of returning to the bliss of creating a little bit each day and the peace of mind that it gave me.

As things have been a little shaky again this last week I've decided to keep my LSNED in diary format.  Documenting where I am and what I'm learning along the way.  If there's time for a bit of prettiness, some patterned paper or a few stamps then so be it, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it if it doesn't happen.

I just need a nice little book for my diary.  Perhaps one of these little spotty numbers from Paperchase.

Or one of these vintage blossoms from Papermash.

Will you be Learning Something New Everyday in September?  If so, what are your recording plans?



Melissa said…
Those spotty notebooks are so Happy!! I'm following along with LSNED this year, but not sure if I'll record a lesson each day or just do a weekly summary post of things I've learned. I'll see how this week goes. Enjoy your month!

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