WOYWW #270

I think it's exactly 20 weeks since I was last here for WOYWW.  "And what's on your workdesk?" I hear you say.  Well, nothing actually.  I have exactly nil projects in progress at the moment (other than the ones that have been sat in a box for months, because we all have a box like that, right?)

I have been sorting my supplies though.  In an attempt to reduce my stash by about 2/3rds so that it reflects what I actually use and fits into the space that I actually have, I have been purging big time.  Stamps are one of the items to be hit hard.  Here's the current status of cling and clear stamps.
Basically, I kept every stamp that ever came my way, whether I used it or not and that was a situation that could not continue.   All of the foam backed ones that I never use are gone along with loads of those free ones off the front of magazines.
I think there are more that can go, but at least they are (nearly) all on the shelves.

I found this really cute set of chicken wire shelves for my Distress Stains and Paints.  They are full, so no room for any more, well i could probably squeeze in a couple.
Before you consider me a paragon of virtue and remove my name from the list of messiest desks, I have to admit that my paper supplies still look like this.
So a bit more work to do there!  Happy Wednesday.



I am hyperventilating at the thought of reducing my stash by 2/3 but you are right - we do hang on to every little thing that comes our way even if we don't use it. I am becoming increasingly guilty of buying stamps and dies that really I have something already I could use. But while I have the space and no other vices (!) I shall continue. Oh, and as for the box of works in progress.... well yes, I have found three so far this week and on a mission to sort some of it! Happy WQednesday, Cindy #36
Laura said…
2/3?? That is one brave move!
Your last photo really made me smile - at least I'm not the only one who has piles (if you know what I mean! :D Not those ones!)
Happy Wednesday
Mrs.D said…
Kate,Welcome back,you are so disciplined, I could do with someone here to help me too, but very wise to get rid of stuff that you will never use.
Hope you don't spend all your time sorting and none playing.
bless you
Chris #6
Dotty Jo x said…
I need a good clearout too! Less really is more, Jo x
Marit said…
I was away from woyww for 22 weeks... I beat you. Both back now, and I hear you... had to re-arrange and clear out my stash to fit in the new workroom... but we keep on going, don't we?! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #56
CraftygasheadZo said…
Wow that's some reduction of stash but yes I know what you mean. I am slowly going through my stuff trying to remove stash I don't actually use. But then I keep adding stuff to my room, including lately a writing bureau and a typewriter!! Take care Zo xx 57
Neet said…
I think you can still have a messy desk as how much or little you have in the way of supplies. Gosh that is some purging - two thirds - wow!
Hugs, Neet 27
Brusho is a paint that comes in crystal form - highly pigmented and reacts with water on the cardstock like the samples on my desk.
Lunch Lady Jan said…
Wow, good for you for taking that big decision to stash bust...it's a good thing to do! It'll give you room to breathe. I've stash busted as well, but have lapsed this week and bought some more...bad LLJ :-)
Hugs, LLJ 26 xx
Oh, goodness, Kate, you really had me going at what an awesome purge you were doing and then you turned that corner and I saw that mess and I burst out laughing!

Girl, I don't envy you, but I do admire how much you have accomplished! You get full credit for all of it. It's a ton of work and hard going when you're in the middle of it, but it feels so much freer and lighter to get rid of stuff you aren't using!

Thank you for coming by to see me! Happy WOYWW and have a terrific week! Hugs, Darnell #18
RosA said…
Wow, I could do with some lessons on stash busting :) Good luck with that :)
And thanks for visiting earlier.
MM I salute you Kate a purge to 2/3, but looking at paper arrangements maybe you need it :D happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #9
Sue said…
I'm in the same position with stamps. Also have loads of stash I doubt I'll use.

Hope you are soon all sorted and can enjoy your crafting.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue 25
Fuzzie Fingers said…
You are very organized. Thanks for visiting.
Fuzzie Fingers said…
You are very organized. Thanks for visiting.
Twiglet said…
Hi Kate - yes I am sure we could use the little plastic covers. Thanks lots. Have you got my address? x Jo
Eliza said…
NO this is not acceptable in my craft room the only stamps I get rid of are the ones I have duplicate of. As for stash goodness it all gets used one way or another and you never know how much you need something until it is gone, so be careful. I do however applaud your ability to carry out this task, you are a stronger person than me.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda
glitterandglue said…
Hello Kate. I confess I am sitting breathing very carefully at the thought of all that clearing out. Wow - well done you. You are very brave and strong!
Thanks for visiting. You ask where I sell the things for Uganda. Our church supports a pastor in Uganda who has responsibility for around 1500 children and 50 churches ( so he's very busy!!!). We have a table in the church where all the information is kept regarding Parental Care Ministries - and on that table go hand knitted goods, some cards, blankets, bags for the children etc. Donations are requested for everything. We also have a weekly Thursday lunchtime café to which we get MANY folk - and they frequently buy the goods on the table. Do feel free to email me if you need any more info.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #10
Angela Radford said…
Hi Kate and thanks for stopping by. I understand your reluctancy to use teabags to build texture but I am always willing to have go at upcycling stuff that normally goes in the bin LOL!
On the other hand reducing stash now that does scare me, I would be frightened of getting rid of something and then finding I needed it. You are one brave lady.
Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #38
Debs Willis said…
Wow, that really is a purge! I had a mini one earlier this year & managed to get rid of 2 bin bags worth, given away to my ladies in my class, but no noticeable effect on shelves lol!!
Like you, I've been away from woyww for quite a few months, nice to snoop again
Debs #26
okienurse said…
I doubt I will ever decrease my stash by 2/3 cause heaven knows about the time I do I will have to go out and buy a replacement. I have my stuff organized by what I use a lot and what I might need...Just sayin... Didn't make it around last week due to camping out and how difficult it was to get wifi so making stops by this week. Lots more pictures of SCA on my blog this week! Vickie #75

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