Inspired by Krista's post here, I thought I would blog a little update of where I'm at currently.

In front of me right now are Reese's mini peanut butter cups.  No doubt they will be lodging on my thighs shortly!  Keeping me company is this little guy.
I think they like the heat from the screen as I find one hanging around quite often.

Be prepared for gale force winds around southern England this week as we've finally got the fence put back up that blew down in the spring.

No recent spending on craft supplies.  I've been very good turning out and getting tidy ready to have a fully functional creative space.  More on that as it happens.  I have bought some new clothes though as I'm working more hours and all my clothes have become 'work wear'.  New items include this White Stuff shirt to wear under wide neck knits...

and this cute map print cardi...

So I can have something to wear with jeans at the weekend and not feel like it's all work and no play.

My childcare qualifications seem to take up nearly all my spare time at present, but hopefully rearranging my creative space will mean that even 10 minutes to spare can be put to good use.  Well that's the plan anyway.

Expect lots of blog posts on a Monday - it's when I've scheduled the housework into my weekly plan!!



Krista Smith said…
LOOOvvveeeee that map cardigan!!! I have a map-printed dress, and even though I hardly ever wear it, it's one of my most favorite pieces!! So unique!

And I know what you mean when the Reese's suddenly show up on the thighs. Happens to me, too. Wish they'd show up in the boobs, lol;).

Thanks for sharing, sweet friend.
Wishing you the best October!!! <3

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