Scooby-Doo impressions

My Friday smile for this week.  What do you wear to a 1960's themed day?

Your best Scooby-Doo outfit of course.
Here's (not-so) Small-n-Grubby dressed as Fred, who just scrapes into the 60's with a first airing in 1969.  Not sure about the hair, that mop is all his own (in case you were wondering).

Happy Friday smiles everyone.



Laura said…
Great outfit.
I went to school as Mrs Tiggy Winkle once!
Annie said…
That's brilliant....I love Scooby Doo
Annie x
fairy thoughts said…
Ha ha great photo .... Bit one he may not want shown around too much
Thanks for sharing
mamapez5 said…
We have a few mop-heads in our family too. I love it. They are individuals expressing themselves. He has a lovely smile too. I hope his 1960´s day went well. Kate x
Robyn Oliver said…
Happy Friday Smiles Kate - cool pic and what fun are dress up days, cheers Robyn

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