No room, no room!

It's official there's no room in my life for the things that I would actually call my life!
All that time set aside to literally put the house in order was totally monopolised rescuing someone else from their own disaster.  Now December is looming and I just have a handful of days to myself in which to get anything done when there isn't half a dozen other people trying to get a piece of my time.

So, where to go from here?  Do I set aside all forms of creativity - crafting, decorating, photography - it seems the obvious thing to do, but then what is left of me?  Just a shell?  What do I do?



Laura said…
You are just as important as those that you help, remember that.
You can say no and people who are worth it will understand.
And you can ask for help sometimes too, that is OK.
I wish I could give you a couple of 'me time' hours x
Jo said…
(hugs) I hope life is a little less hectic this week. The monkey on my blog is from Tesco - the outfit was from the PG Tip website :)

jo xx

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