Thursday, May 29

Chain, chain, chain

One of my chain bracelets is featured on the Blue Moon Beads blog today.
~ Kate ~

Thursday, May 22

Gluten Free Oats - a rant!

Gluten free oats used to be a mysterious and rare substance.  After all oats are gluten free, right?  Well yes they are, but they become contaminated in the milling process (by wheat or rye for example.)  In the last 18 months or so I have seen them become much more readily available and lots of gluten free products now contain them.

This matters not a jot if, like me, you can't eat oats, whether they are gluten free or gold plated they are still oats.  Oats naturally contain a substance called avenin, which for some people will have a similar affect on their digestive system as gluten.  I can vouch for this as I sit here this evening with stomach cramps awaiting other digestive misery!

I've been seriously avoiding gluten for about 12 years.  I tried gluten free oats but they weren't an option for me.  Regrettably, I think I am in the minority as even a mini survey of gluten free friends on twitter hasn't turned up an oat free pal.

Whilst the options for delicious, gluten free convenience foods widen my options are shrinking.  Tesco Free From cookies, that I used to love, now have an improved recipe.
They've added gluten free oat flour!

Today I bought and ate a 9bar, as I've done many times before.  Love 9bar, gluten free snacks and here was a new 'breakfast' one in a box at the till that I hadn't tried before.  Labelled gluten free, has the crossed grain symbol.
Quick scan of the allergens in bold, no problems there.
My own fault, I suppose, I should have stood in the store, at the till, with the queue behind me and read every single ingredient as I realise I now must do with every gluten free product I buy in future.  

There is a possibility that the minuscule writing under the crossed grain symbol is the incorrect licence and I will be looking into this further, checking other similar products.  But, in the meantime, I may need to buy a magnifying glass to take shopping with me!

~ Kate ~ 

Mixing Links - Blue Moon Beads

I was looking at all the lovely new chains that Blue Moon Beads currently has in Jo Ann Stores and I thought it would be fun to mix up the links from different sets.
I've separated out a few links from different strands of chain and then randomly joined them together again to create a new chain that's finished with a claw clasp to make a bracelet.
I really like the two-tone black and pink chain which has a cool rubberised coating.
~ Kate ~

Monday, May 19

Mad Hatters

Top hats made and ready to be decorated for the Rainbows Mad Hatters Tea Party at the weekend.
We had a fabulous day in beautiful weather.  I was a little saddened that the girls didn't seem to know the Alice story.  Perhaps it's no longer considered an exciting enough Disney film for 5 year olds.  The original Disney cartoons are compulsory viewing in our house, no matter how old you are!!!
I went dressed as Tweedle Dum.  Thankfully very little photographic evidence of this exists and the only picture I have has the girls in it so I just can't possibly share!

~ Kate ~    

Thursday, May 15

Simple Elegance - Blue Moon Beads

Blue Moon Beads currently have loads of on trend chains available from Jo-Ann stores, check out a blog article about it here.  As well as chunkier chains there are also some elegant fine chains too.
I've linked 3 gold tone chains so that they fall at different lengths.  The pack of chain comes in one great 84 inch length, it can then be cut and finished with the end crimps provided in the pack.
The chain has an unusual link pattern.
And a beautiful sheen that reflects the light.
~ Kate ~

Sunday, May 11

Paperchase Bargain

New wooden stamps from Paperchase.  Love the font, think they will look great on scrapbook pages.  Absolute bargain!

~ Kate ~

Saturday, May 3

Beaded Bracelet - Blue Moon Beads

I've been working on jewellery of a different kind recently using Beadalon's Jewel Loom designed by Julianna Hudgins.  I sorted through my seed beads from Blue Moon Beads and sketched out a design for a cute little skull on some squared paper and this is the result.
The finished ends of the woven beaded piece are fixed with Blue Moon Beads ribbon clasps and I've added one of their little metal star charms to the extender for some extra detail.
The Jewel Loom is great fun to play with and is available at JoAnn's stores along with lots of Blue Moon Beads!
~ Kate ~