Hello Autumn

Can it really be nearly 2 months since I was here last?  Although quite a few things have happened, the news today has not changed a great deal in all those weeks.

August was busy and fun.  Fitting in study work between a really successful church holiday club and a very wet camping trip with the Guides.  It rained nearly solidly for 4 days, but thankfully ended warm, bright and happy.

Then came September.  Kicked off by visiting a wonderfully inspiring contemporary and heritage craft event, but then as the days progressed illness has set in again.  It feels strange to go from being one of those people who rarely gets sick to one who seems to never be well.  I've managed a couple of weekends away, the last of which was beach hut 'glamping' at Hengistbury Head - photos to follow soon.

What I'm currently doing:
  • Looking after and enjoying being with the children.
  • Trying to get my studies finished up - deadline is November 12 and I will not be sorry to see it all done and dusted.
  • Some how still finding time to shop.
  • Updating Instagram and Twitter.
  • Reading.
  • Taking photos.
What I'm currently not doing:

  • Cleaning/housework!!
  • Lots of outstanding DIY jobs.
  • Konmari.
  • Crafting.
Once those studies are out of the way I intend to dedicate the next year to a complete home overhaul - which could be very slow going health permitting!
My plan will be to update my progress here.

On the crafting front, I still need to complete my Konmari and revamp my working space, there's a blog post waiting to happen about that.  In the meantime, I think I may get involved with Kathy's 30 day colouring challenge.  Taking out some time each day to colour could be what I need for relaxation and to ease me back into creating ready for when my studies are complete.



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