Ink Pad Storage with Artbin Quick View

Whilst researching the tidying and decluttering experience, I've read in several places that you shouldn't buy any new storage until you've sorted everything and know exactly what you want to put where.  This makes complete sense, of course, but as soon as I saw this container on Pinterest I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.  

It's the  Artbin Quick View case and it fits all my large ink pads, after a little pruning, which thankfully was far less painful than my attempts with the stamps the day before.

Completely portable and completely full, but as I only buy small pads now when ever possible that should be fine.  Please don't ask why I didn't colour the labels before I attached them!  I think it was because back then I used them so often I thought I knew them all. 

There's room inside for a few sponges and they help keep everything in place too.  The unlabelled and unopened ones are new releases from 2015 before I stopped buying them and bought the mini multi packs at the end of the quarter.  Picket Fence is in there too so nothing more to add, except my Versamark is missing.  It might be with the embossing powders, I haven't tackled them yet.  If I find it that blue Memento can probably be sacrificed to make some room.  One in, one out from now on.

I bought my case at Jackson's Art.  You need at least the 14inch/36cm one for the pads to fit. 

Onwards and upwards.



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