Rubber Stamps To Go

I think I picked a hard category to start my purge with, or may be I'm going to have great difficulty with everything!

This is the pile of stamps ready to go.

But, it's not nearly enough.  There are still far more here than I need.  It's been easy to look at the unused ones, leaving the issues of expense firmly at the back of my mind.  For most I remember why I bought them, sale being the #1 reason, and the projects I thought I would make.  For the majority I can say "If I had an hour to craft would I make that project?" and the answer would be no, so they can go.  

The used ones are harder, looking through I remember the projects I made and the number of uses I had from them and it's too easy to say "Yes, I would use that again."  

Thinking of the Konmari principles, there was one, just one, box that I opened and a smile of pure joy instantly lit my face.  Does that mean that should be the only box I keep?  I can see why the answer should be yes, but I don't know if I'm ready to take that step. 

For now I am taking a stamp break and turning my attention to ink pads.  Surely that can't be too difficult, can it??



Dotty Jo x said…
Are you going to eBay these? I am sifting through my stamps and have decided to try selling them to try and earn some of the money back, Jo x

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