Tackling Magazines

My decluttering plans for the weekend were totally derailed.  Before Christmas I was using my Sizzix die-cutter a lot with Bigz dies, mainly making those gorgeous little houses that Tim Holtz brought out.  I impulse purchased a thin die a few days ago and decided to treat myself to an hours crafting to test it out.  After all, the readon I was tidying was to give me the opportunity to get back in touch with my creative side, wasn't it?

Well someone somewhere is conspiring against me - no base plate for the die-cutter.  It hads to be somewhere and its not exactly small, but could I find it - NO!

Any spare time at the weekend was spent in the fruitless search and I have been forced to move on to a new tidying category in the hope that it might bring the results I'm looking for...................MAGAZINES.

The floor was covered in them and I was convinced the base plate lay amounst them.  This morning I've cleared as many as I could get my hands on and put them all on the bed in piles according to different categories....

Crafts, work, colouring, kids, Guides, Photography, food/health and home decor.  My plan is now to move the piles to the dining table and work my way ruthlessly through them.  The reason for this is time.  If I leave them where they are and don't complete the mission in a day I will have to return them to the floor and the cycle of mess will begin again.  On the dining table we can eat around them and they will be ready and waiting for me when ever I can spare them 15 minutes.

Oh yes, I did find the base plate.  Tucked in a box beneath the debris.  Now, if I set myself a tidying target for the day, maybe I can be rewarded with some die-cutting play this evening .



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