Why I'm reducing my craft supplies by three quarters

It's the half term holidays and I am on yet another craft purge and tidy.  BUT, this time it's different.  I've decided to reduce my supplies down to a quarter of what they were, here's why.

I don't craft anymore........... 
Not because I don't want to but because I can't.

Can't reach anything
Can't find anything
Can't find the inspiration and joy in all the mess

Alpha stickers, adhesives and mini books

I'm no longer running craft stalls............  
I loved running a craft stall, meeting new people, chatting to like minded creative souls, but it meant finding time in the evenings and weekends just  at the same time when my family needed me.
My desk is under here somewhere

I'm crafting for myself...................... 
Not what someone else would like to buy
Not the the details specified by the latest competition
 My jewelry supplies with other stuff heaped on top

I'm no longer...........
Making complex cards
Quilling, hand embossing, parchment crafting etc, etc
Mass creating jewelry
Altering random objects that I don't know what to do with

Cling stamp storage

BUT, I am looking forward with excitment to............. 
Photography projects
Home decor projects
Creating individual jewelry pieces for myself, family and friends
Memory keeping in what ever format that takes
More planners and art journals

I'll document here how I'm getting along, what storage ideas I find and what I'm getting rid of and why.  I have homes for a lot of the items I'm letting go of with childrens clubs and charities, but if you make cards for charity let me know, I could have some things to send your way.



Dotty Jo x said…
Good luck, Kate - I've gradually come around to the idea that I need a darn good clear out too. I can't reach anything and all my storage space is taken up by stuff I don't really use while all the good/current stuff is in boxes on the floor! Jo x

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