Photo Catalogue and a quiet day

As one of the boys was ill yesterday I had a rest from the full on decluttering.  The weather was gorgeous but, as we were unable to go out, Branston Pickle and I spent our time relaxing in the sunny garden whilst the Small n Grubby one slept. (I need to update photos of these guys, they have grown so, so much.)

I catalogued some photo disks I had found, so a small bit of tidying did take place.

Later in the evening I started to tackle my jewelry supplies and I've continued with that this morning.  I'm not sure what shape my jewelry making will take, which makes it hard to decide what to keep.  I have reduced things from 4 large boxes to 2, which I hope will eventually become just one box once I have discovered my new niche.  The huge Personal Impressions rolling bag full of jewelry class supplies has been reduced to a holdall, another win! 

A sunny picture to end.
A bunch of daffodils have been on my windowsill since Easter and are still looking lovely. The centres are an amazing peach colour that I just had to capture on film.



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