Saturday, October 6

The Long Good Day

Had a real family day today as SMO is off out for the evening and not back until late tomorrow.

The Dinky Diva played hand bells first thing whilst I got some shopping done - lots of craft mags to catch up on. Couldn't get Papercraft Essentials 22 though, will have to go hunting for that in the week.

On the way home we stopped off at a family fun day - a local authority thing the purpose of which I never quite worked out! Had a cool time making rockets, fruit kebabs, cement mosaics and drumming.

After a quick lunch we headed out with the kids bikes and collected on of Small-N-Grubby's friends along the way.

So here is my Self Portrait Saturday effort for HS:MS - me slumped over my PC at the end of a long good day.
** Kate **


Bobs said...

You look very serene and relaxed today, Kate. Lovely SP!

Hazel said...

Great SPS, Kate

Farmersgirl said...

Looks like you're all tuckered out - best way after an active day, bet you will sleep well.

anita said...

you look great!!!! tired...but hey...who doesn't at the end of the day?!

Diana said...

Thats such a cute and candid shot so relaxed.
Love Di

Sue Nicholson said...

A picture can speak a thousand words and this one is doing just that! :)

I love that you are showing yourself in that frame of mind. I might just try this next week.