Friday, January 8

2010 Calenders

Another snow day again today and the kids are really getting bored as the fighting started straight after breakfast. I have had to promise them a go on Club Penguin if they let me update my blog in peace!!

They and all their friends seem to be Club Penguin obsessed. Which was fine when they were happy just to go on the free site. Now they want monthly membership, trading cards and toys! Small-N-Grubby has his eye on a particularly fine igloo for £25, just after they have had goodness knows what for Christmas. Doh!

As the equivalent of the spy kit I made for Small-N-Grubby (blogged previously), I made the Dinky Diva some penguin stationery, this is the bookmark.
Reading Kathy's blog this morning reminded me that I haven't blogged my calendar makes this year. It basically involved lots of notebooks and post-it note pads covered and then little calendars added to the front.
I really enjoyed making them and think I might try them out at craft fairs this year.
Right that's me done for the moment, now what was their penguin called?
** Kate **

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Kathy said...

Crikey Kate - you've been a busy bee - and all fabulous too!