Friday, October 5


A flat sharp cutting edge. Find 'blade' in your space today.
Ok, I know it's predictable.

Scrapwest theme for next week will be 'Sisters'. Although I have a couple I still haven't managed a scrapbook layout. Tis a card instead (sisters breath collective sigh of relief).BasicGrey Recess paper and the stamp is Me and My BIG Ideas. Yesterday's baby stamps were from a little acrylic set by Dovecraft.

Found this hysterical monkee site (via SuzyB), gotta love those monkeys. They were my favorite animal when I was little and I collected books about them as well as toy ones. I remember I had a chimp about 18" tall with fixed hands that you could use to hang him from things. The monkey collection is no more, oh I lie there is of course 'Cuddley James' (please note wearing regulation school knickers).

Crime Scene update : just went to dig him out and take his picture and the knickers are gone!! I can't believe it, he always wore red and white checked knickers that matched our summer school dresses.

And I have been tagged by Hazel (thanks, I think).

7 facts about me well .................
  1. my favorite animal as a child was a monkey (or did I say that already)
  2. oh heck, I'm so boring I can't think of any more.

I'll get SMO to write it on my behalf when he gets in from work - that should be interesting!

** Kate **


Hazel said...

Tee hee - look forward to the rest of the tag! Good shot for 'blade'

Andrea said...

Great card

Jolanda said...

Great angle!

Aubrey Harns said...

I love this shot. It's great that you shot it from underneath where we can actually see the blade - the color is great too. Well done!

Louise said...

A great close up... it took a while for me to see what it was:)

Bobs said...

Took me a minute to make out what it was! D'oh! lol
Fab angle!

Audrey said...

Lovely photo and great card!!! Great to see you over on SW!

CarolineO said...

Thanks for joining in Scrapwest this week, love your card !