Monday, February 2


No today is White! The school is closed and kids are home so not much me time today. Did manage to find a splash or orange for HS:MS:HS.
More snowy pics tomorrow.

** Kate **


Hannah said...

I wanted White as the colour as well!!! I've taken so many snow pictures already today! and when we had snow a few weeks ago! I did manage to find an orange picture on my Flickr page though so I was okay lol

pining said...

I was kinda hoping the theme would be white too; we've got about 5 inches of snow too... it's lovely (no school for my son, hubby's off work too)!

Shannon said...

A splash of color in that old looking photo! Great Shot!

Sue Nicholson said...

Long time no see! Just popped over and must say we have the same weather here . . . and it's so cold too :-(

Great splash of colour in your photo.

Hope you enjoyed you day :-)


Chris T said...

Well we didn't have any white today - but it's chucking it down now. Nice orange touch - hope your little ones enjoyed the snow!

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Kate :-)

Yes, my blog is password protected. I had a few comments, (not from HSMSHS people), that I could have done without SO I went private and actually it has worked really well for me. AND my teens are happy for me to post photos of them now too!!!

I always post a notification and a link on blogger. To view the blog the username is Chocolate and the password Milkshake.

You must use the caps . . . it is case sensitive.

See you there :-)