Sunday, October 10

The Jewellery Quarter

Is that in Birmingham? I don't know anything of the history of it but I do know it is this week's theme at Tag You're It.
My beads have been out this weekend as I've been catching up with makes for a couple of stalls. I've used a few spare ones to fancy up a chandelier.

Here are some of the other bits I've been making.
Hopefully I will have a new blog to view samples on, just as soon as I have thought of a name!!

** Kate **


Anne said...

Gorgeous Kate, all of them! And Yes, you're right, the Jewellery Quarter IS in Birmingham, and very lovely it is too!!

I'm loving your Jewellery - you should get an Etsy account if you're thinking of selling them?

Your tag is fab too! Thanks so much for playing at TYI! :o) xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh Kate how do you find time. They are gorgeous pieces. LOVE the combo of chandelier and beady chains, works for me.

Sam said...

WOW!!! All of them, simply stunning! And I totally agreee with Anne about getting an Etsy account as they're so beautiful you clever thing!!

Lovely tag too, great detail, thanks so much for playing along again at KIS :)

PS Just noticed the pic of The Hairy Horror ... there's something about dog's noses and whiskery chins lol!!

Hannapanna said...

Wow, girl you've been busy. These are just stunning! You should sell these. :) Hugs Hanna