New Year - New You Choices

Well, I confess, I didn't lose any weight last week, although I didn't put any on either so it's not all bad news.  I have decided that my lack of success is down to poor choices.  I often read in magazines handy hints about selecting the right nibbles and drinks at parties or substitute a glass of wine a day for a lime soda and lose 1lb in a month (data courtesy of the Healthy Food Guide February 2012 issue).  So here are my thoughts about choices.

  1. Pick Your Treats - the picture above is of a slice of  Morrisons Gluten Free Fruit Cake.  It is 2.5 inches long, an inch wide and half an inch deep.  In other words, it is small, gone in 2 bites!  It contains the same amount of calories as a pack of crisps from a Walkers multibag, Cadbury's Flake from a multibar pack or a cup of instant coffee with a Freddo bar.
  2. Treat Your Tastebuds - The same fruit cake slice above has the texture of rubber and lots of the dried fruit in it still has a stalk in.  It is not a pleasurable taste experience. So why eat it?  After one bite I should put it down and say  "Yuck! I'm not eating that." but I don't.  And what's more I go on to eat the other 4 slices in the box over the course of the week.  It's not a one-off occurrence either, it happens all the time.  Biscuits with the texture of sawdust, cereal that's gone soggy because someone didn't roll the bag back up and so on.  I don't like to waste food, but at the same time I should be allowed to treat myself with a bit of respect.  From now on if it tastes vile I will stop eating it, throw the rest of the packet away and make a note of the product details so that I don't buy it again.
I will treat myself to something that tastes nice, that is lower in calories, but also in a quantity that doesn't make you forget that you have eaten it 2 minutes later.
Cadbury Flake (Multipack bar) - 25.6g

** Kate **


Crafty Karen said…
I know exactly how that feels! i do exactly the same thing :-) i'm finding it really difficult to get back on WW after christmas! Good luck!!!

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