Friday, August 31

Gotta Chew, Gotta Chew

To bite and grind with the teeth. Find 'chew' in your space today.

I tried taking a picture of the woolly wonder and then discovered that she doesn't do chewing, more like swallowing without touching the sides.
In the end I discovered SMO had these hidden about his person!
Spent my crafting time yesterday evening on jewellery making, here are the results.
Once the kids go back to school on Tuesday I'm not going to know where to start. Do I load up the shop with all these new goodies or get on with some of the projects I've been itching to start on. Then there is Christmas to think about. I know it's far too early but I won't have anything to sell at the Christmas Fayres if I don't get making!

** Kate **

Thursday, August 30



A shallow bowl or radio antenna. Find 'dish' in your space.

Went for the cute option as there's nothing antique or spectacular in our house!

Just a short post with a couple of cards (in one of the styles I have made before) as we are off out to have Small-N-Grubby measured for a page boy outfit (don't ask!!!)** Kate **

Wednesday, August 29



A mass of water vapour. Show us 'cloud' in your space today.

Unlike my photo for sun I took a couple of days ago I am very pleased to announce that the view over the back fence this morning looks like this.

Sketch This Cards #24, was big on blooms this week. Found this silk orchid which I thought looked a bit different.Made a little thank you gift last night for a lady who made both of my kids shoe bags for the start of the new term.In a bit of a hurry this morning and couldn't get the colour of the beads right in the photo, they are a lovely chocolate brown (not black).

Off to my craft class this morning, unfortunately it might be the last one for a while as once Small-N-Grubby starts school I have to pick him up at 11.45 each day for a whole term!!

Picnic planned for this afternoon so I shall remember to take my camera.

** Kate **

Tuesday, August 28


A red or green fruit from a tree. Show us 'apple' in your space today.

Couldn't resist a bit of Disney.

It's reminded me that I haven't properly installed my Disney font (on the to do list.)

Continued tidying the crafting corner yesterday. Not much progress. Found some left overs from a kit I was given, and combined them with a stamped background I had filed away, to produce this.

I found I had at least half a dozen boxes and files dotted around with scraps in so I used an idea which I saw in a mag, I think it was in an article on Jenny's craft area. Hanging files divided by colour.

Threw away lots of tiny bits of card I'd been hoarding!! Very liberating. Hope to get some more crafting time this afternoon.

** Kate **

Monday, August 27


HS:MS today.
An object that gives light and warmth. Find 'sun' in your space today.

It's sunny here but not as bright as yesterday. I could dig out a shot of a sunflower the kids grew a couple of years back but really wanted to photograph something today. So here it is.

and just to prove that my camera isn't permanently stuck on the macro setting, here's the view over the back fence.Just got in from doing the last of the back to school shopping. Headed into town at about 10.30 and the shops were quiet. We left about 11.30 and things were getting much busier, so feeling very self-satisfied at the moment! Got them each a pair of school shoes. Dinky Diva got the ones with the toy in the heel that she was after. I give it two days and the toys will be banned from school!! Small-n-Grubby was a different matter. The shop assistant sized him as an H width fitting and then said all they had were trainers. They had footballs on and I really didn't think we'd get away with them for school so I insisted we tried some G fitting shoes in a wide style and they were fine!! Might have to pop around to grandma's later and show them off.

** Kate **

Weekend Sketch Challenge #16

Over at Beate's Fresh and Fun blog it's the WSC #16, and here's my version. I haven't added a great deal to the sketch, it was another late night effort! It's really handy having a few extra stamped panels in a wallet, I always do extra ones when I'm stamping. The wording is 'The heart that loves is always young'.

SMO brought me a handbag stamp back from his trip, so I must find time to have a go with that.

I've also got a commission to do!! I would rather wait until I have some quiet time when school starts but I think that will be cutting it too fine so I had better just get on with it.

Her Space : My Space isn't up yet so I'll be back for that later.

** Kate **

Sunday, August 26


Her Space : My Space, here's the message for today.

Show Off Sunday
Otherwise knows as S.O.S !!!!This is the day when Kirsty and I take a little rest and you can post any photo (past or present) that you are particularly pleased with. It could be that you are pleased with the composition of the photo, a technical aspect, or it is just a moment that you are glad that you captured. It doesn't have to fit any theme, so you are completely free to choose and tell why.
I've chosen one of my favorite portraits of the Dinky Diva. It's not always easy to get the kids to pose, so when they do, and it turns out well, it's definitely one for the album.

Over at I {heart} to stamp this Saturday's sketch has lots of scope. I've twisted it around a bit to come up with this.Its a bit of an Anna Griffin tribute! and yes I did end up buying the new Christmas set on QVC yesterday. Her papers are the closest thing I get to 'doing vintage' and I think all those Christmassy embellishments will compliment the Daisy D papers I got the other day too. Started the card rather late last night using an ATC I had already made. Realised it must have been very late when I saw how wonky the ribbon was this morning!

SMO is now at home for a week so we have lots of work planned on the house including a big clear out. Thought I would share a before picture of my work corner, it will be one of the areas blitzed this week!

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my photo yesterday, its a bit scary sticking a photo of yourself up for everyone to comment on! I visited everyone's to have a look at theirs too, sorry I didn't get time to put a comment on all of them. Plenty of cheating going on I see, I think S.P.S. could get to be quite competitive.

Terrie wanted to know how my shot was done and Angela had it spot on, its all in the lighting. I'm lent against the kitchen wall looking out of the back door. There is plenty of natural light coming in to hopefully over expose my face - which has the effect of 'bleaching' the lines, bags and uneven colour!! The camera is in my right hand held above head height. As for next week I think I might have to go out and buy some slap!

** Kate **

Saturday, August 25


Me no likey this post today! Two things that kind of bother me - having my photo taken and buttons!

Her Space : My Space

This weekend we are introducing two new features to HSMS, just to keep you on your photography toes! The first of these will be a new regular 'Self Portrait Saturday'. Take the opportunity once a week to practise your portrait skills and make a record of your changing self.

So, go for it !!! ...S.P.S = self portrait saturday

I don't like myself in photos so here is a too early in the morning, desperately need to buy some make-up, hiding behind grubby hair shot!

This week's dare from the Daring Card Makers -

I know you've all got buttons stashed away somewhere, whether they've been purchased at a cardmaking store or you thriftily snipped them off DH's old shirt. I'd like you to find those buttons and use them somewhere on a card. They can be real buttons, craft shop buttons, die cut buttons, faux buttons or another type of button, surprise us all.

Those who know me will know I'm not fond of buttons. They have a place and a function and that is what they should do. They shouldn't be lying around loose or used as decorations. However, I do have a supply of craft buttons which I bravely use as cognitive therapy!!
Bright and sunny here today and as SMO's home I think the park is beckoning.

** Kate **

Friday, August 24

Set in Stone

Today's Her Space : My Space word is

A hard solid mineral. Show us 'stone' in your space today.

These are from the area around Lyme Regis (one of my most favorite places). We have lots dotted around the house collected across the years from many visits there.
My dad assured me when I found this next bit that it was only fools gold!
Decided to work on some jewellery last night for a change. Pencil Lines have an altered art challenge that includes jewellery, so I'll have to have a try at that some time.

These are 2 separate necklaces, each with 5 glass beads suspended on thin steel wires, the idea being that they look like they are just floating there.

** Kate **

Just had to add beautiful and sunny here yesterday afternoon. Bundled the kids into the garden and after only 5 minutes Small-N-Grubby starts whining to come in. After half an hour grizzling I finally gave up and let him back in again. Kids!!

Thursday, August 23

DCM & Sketch This Card #23

Her Space : My Space
The palest colour and sign of purity. Find 'white' in your space today.

Can you believe this bread is actually edible and you can buy it in Tesco!
The DCM mid-week dare is to make a card using dots, spots and stripes.

When I did my first Sketch This layout yesterday I discovered there was also a Sketch This Card, so I've had a go at the latest - #23.Thought I had some exciting post this morning, but no it was just boring circulars and lots more bills!

It looks as though the sun might actually shine today (if a little breezy) so think I will try and get the kids outdoors for a few hours.

** Kate **

Wednesday, August 22

Sketch This #26

Her Space : My Space
A person you know particularly well. Show us 'friend' in your space today.

Bit of a catalogue shot, staring into middle distance. Would have used pictures of girly friends or sisters but none are particularly keen on having photos taken (neither am I!).Continuing with the layout sketches I've had a try at the latest Sketch This. This site has weekly sketches by Jenelle Richmond.Sometimes it's not so easy leaving blank space, I couldn't resist a bit of doodling. The papers are my new BasicGrey favorite 'Mellow', a name that quite suits the boy. The 'cute as a bug' title is from a new box file by DCWV which finally arrived from QVC yesterday.

This scrap page marks a big crafting occasion, the first appearance of a noseycritter on a layout!

The kids were much better yesterday, partly with the help of ideas on one of the threads at JustBex forum.

The dinky Diva gets her wish as we have friends coming over to play this morning, hopefully that will keep them amused without fighting!

** Kate **

Tuesday, August 21

CPS #27 & Pencil Lines #46

But first as usual Her Space : My Space.

Covered or saturated with water. Find 'wet' in your space today.

The kids had this full of water to play with, we emptied it and left it to dry. It's now filled up again!

This week's CPS sketch I've used whilst continuing to make things for the shop.(I assume its ok to do that? or perhaps not, I'd better find someone who's moving house and give it to them!).I've been trying card making challenges for a few weeks now and thought I'd try out a couple of scrap book ones as well. So here is my first attempt at a Pencil Lines sketch. (Links for all challenges on the right).Didn't try an adapt the sketch too much for my first attempt. Sorted out a packet of photos ready for more pages too, I seem to spend more time looking through them than the craft supplies!

Hoping for a better day than yesterday. The kids were a nightmare. Started better with me making them a late breakfast after they had played for a bit (so they aren't asking for lunch by 10am). Fingers crossed!

Parcels came from QVC, will open them in a minute. Should be able to start scrapping Christmas Past soon.

On the down side its raining again and I have just opened a water bill which is double the amount I was expecting. Off to investigate.

** Kate **

Monday, August 20


Her Space : My Space

A green living organism. Show us a 'plant' in your space today. House leeks are growing well, the rest of my garden is a bit disappointing at the moment. We tidied it ready to put the house on the market and didn't plant any pots or bags of veg so that it looked neater. Now we have delayed the sale and the bedding plants are looking old and leggy. It's supposed to take 10 years for a garden to mature, I've been here 17 and it looks like I haven't started on it yet!!

** Kate **

I {heart} 2 Stamp

This Saturday's challenge sketch (see the link on the challenge section on the right). And inside the little flap.
Lots of crafty bits to catch up on Sonya nominated me for a 'Nice Matters' award. Thanks Sonya, I saw the blog this started from but as usual I can't remember where! My Computer is fighting with me this morning and I can't even get is to display the logo so I think that one will have to stop with me for now.

Sonya also asked about the wizard stamp in the previous post. Its a Woodware design from the same range that Cheryl has used here.

Had a nice day out yesterday, couldn't find myself something to buy though, not even in Poundland! I read somewhere that they had acid free pens but I couldn't see any. Had lunch in a local hotel and then treated myself to a tub of Green and Blacks chocolate ice cream on the way home. Smo left for his annual cricket holiday at 8am this morning so I can treat myself to ice cream in the evenings when I'm on my own.

Saw this on Leigh's blog
(forgive me if you can't see it at the moment, I'm having real blogger troubles this morning Edit - have packed kids off to grandma's for lunch, taken deep breaths and sorted it out!!) Its from Bad Girls Kits you link to them and each week they go looking for linked blogs with the logo and give out free kit. Not that they are going to find mine as the logo won't work... aaaargh.

This has taken so long to do this morning and I haven't looked at HS:MS yet! You've heard of road rage well I think we should now have BLOG RAGE.
I think it might be my day for complaining. I still have parcels outstanding from QVC craft day. They are with Royal Mail, I wish they would courier everything, they charge enough!!

** Kate **

Sunday, August 19

Shop Stock and Cans

Lots of photos to share today. First.. Her Space : My Space
A container for food or liquid. Show us 'can' in your space today.

Next I've been working on more stock to freshen the shop up a bit. As soon as the kids head back to school I'll need to concentrate on Christmas stock so I thought I get a few other bits done first.Haven't had time to add them all to the shop yet, I'll try and get on to that tonight.

The kids have headed out to Longleat this morning with SMO's parents (which means I'm being taken out for shopping and Sunday lunch - but not a single craft shop open in town on a Sunday, might have to make do with Poundland). The Dinky Diva chose to wear a lovely outfit from Next but then had a teenage style strop about having her picture taken (the same thing happened on her birthday, guess its a new faze to go with the whining!) Hope the weather holds out for them anyway. I'm off to see what I can spend some money on!!

** Kate **

Saturday, August 18


Her Space : My Space

To move through the air. Find 'fly' in your space.
Not many photo opportunities today, nice weather for ducks! So had to resort to a photo from this year's hols.

You must make a card with a frill - it could be some lace, frilly ribbon, a hand cut or decorative scissor edge or a folded paper frill - or what ever you choose to make.... you decide!

There's not much in the way of frills in my crafting stash so hope this Heidi Grace frame is 'frilly' enough.
Got a bargain today. I know I was trying to reduce my spending! But went to buy a packet of jewellery clasps for 75p and there was 20% off all the papercrafting stock - who could resist! I didn't go too mad though as most of the stock was kits and toppers that I don't usually go for. I did buy a Fiskars 12" trimmer that I've wanted for ages and tucked at the back of a rail I found a 6"x6" pack of BasicGrey Sublime for £2.50. Like I said who could resist.

I think I just hear the cricket being called off so I might be able to sneak in some crafting this afternoon.

** Kate **

Friday, August 17

Locks 'n' Leftovers

Her Space : My Space

A mechanism for keeping something closed that is operated by a key. Show us a lock in your space today.

This little heart lock was in a Christmas cracker one year and has been hanging on one of my many, many bags as decoration ever since.
Trying to do a little crafting every day but with no time at all last night, due to little people having bad dreams :(, I decided to set myself the challenge of just using supplies from a wallet of leftovers and freebies that I haven't put away yet.

Have some major furniture moving to do today. Duel purpose - tidying up to put the house on the market and lending a few bits to my niece who, I think I am allowed to say now, is having a baby!!

** Kate **

Thursday, August 16

Chop, chop

Her Space : My Space
To cut into small pieces, find chop in your space today.I have found the site for the doodling instructions it's Louise's here. Now I have found it again my efforts at doodling don't feel like they quite hit the mark, I've been too restrained. Might have another go and really try to not hold back!! Here's my first effort. I haven't quite finished making up the layout so I'll add a photo of that later.

Managed to stick to my £10 budget yesterday, mainly as there doesn't seem to be anymore new paper crafting stock being bought in. The beaders are taking over!! My big pack of new BasicGrey came yesterday (did I say that already) so I have plenty to keep me busy.

** Edited to add the finished photo.

** Kate **