Saturday, August 29


We were totally shocked when out of the blue on a family day out this Thursday the Branston Pickle had a seizure. I went by ambulance with him to hospital and, after a lot of tests and tense waiting, we found out later that evening that is was 'just' tonsillitis with a very high temperature. We brought him home yesterday and he is stilling feeling a little delicate with a very sore throat, but there have been no more attacks.

He is demanding lots of attention and ice cream, which after seeing him on Thursday, none of the family minds. Hopefully 'normal' life will be restored shortly and I will be moaning about all the trouble he is getting himself into.

** Kate **

Wednesday, August 26

T is for .......

Tawny Owl
Not much to add to that. Did a tiny bit of shopping yesterday, just tiny, tiny, promise.

** Kate **

Tuesday, August 25

S is for ........

Beckie is having a blogaversary giveaway and her talk of favorite candy has reminded me of Reisen bars. Haven't seen them for sale since I was on holiday a couple of years ago and spotted them in a discount store.

Dedicating myself to QVC craft day today but after approx 1 hour of viewing I have seen 2 stamps sets I want. Watching and not buying is going to be a dangerous game!!

** Kate **

Monday, August 24

R is for ......

The Dinky Diva went out for her first proper bike ride with her dad yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I stayed with the boys in the park while they climbed on a fallen tree and munched on snacks. Took a few photos which I will upload when I get a chance. Had to be careful where I pointed the camera though as a group of scantily clad Polish men were having a football match. I tried not to look, no really I tried not to.

Bit of a quiet week planned, fitting in as much crafting as possible and sitting in front of QVC craft day tomorrow. SMO is hoping to get some time off later in the week so we can take the children out to the adventure park, looking forward to that.

** Kate **

Sunday, August 23

Q is for ........

Queen Bee (ok, so a bit of a cheat)
Quaking Grass
Eldest 2 are at dance rehearsals for a fete next Saturday. SMO has gone to see his uncle in hospital who is recovering from a heart bypass. And Himself has only just woken up after a late nap so he's tucking into his lunch at 2.30pm. I think maybe, just possibly, if the wind doesn't change direction, we could be looking at 30 minutes me time!

** Kate **

Saturday, August 22

P is for .....



Passion Flower


SMO is off at cricket today as usual. The rest of us have made junk models at the library, met up with a school friend in the park, made smoothies and been out to the field to play football. I think I'm ready for a lie down now.

** Kate **

Forgot to add, 'O' has been edited to add the Olive.

Friday, August 21

O is for ......

Olive (my sister's olive tree is at my mums will try and add a photo later today)

Edited to include Olive photo, too early for flowers or fruit yet this year.

Big blog post, so much to share!

First my design team post has been officially announced over at Creative Moments. There is a piece about me (together with an unnecessarily large photo) on their blog here. Can't wait for my 1st parcel of projects to arrive.

Had an e-mail this morning to say that an ATC of mine has been chosen as ATC of the Week on the DoCrafts site. You can see the article about it here I'll post a picture of it on my blog once next week's ATC has been announced.

Excitement over and I have pictures of those cards from yesterday. The first is for challenge 10 at Copic Creations on the theme of Red, Pink and hearts.
I used a magnolia stamp and the background paper is K&Co Berry Sweet which you can just about see the hearts on. I made the little shrink plastic charm from the Whiff Of Joy greetings stamps I won on Rach's blog. Originally the design of the card was going to be for Kathy's challenge #15 Crisp and Simple. But I changed so many elements on it there's hardly any resemblance to the original sketch. So I started again and to keep me on track I stuck with the exact sketch as near as I could.The little frog is from Stampendous and the glittered card is DCWV.

I don't think I can cram much more in today. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

** Kate **

Thursday, August 20

N is for .......

A slight departure from the flora and fauna today. The eagle eyed may notice that I didn't take the photo above, as for once I am actually in it! Taken many years ago and I never remember being that thin. You can just make out the dog's owner sat behind it.

What no flora? Yep I am defeated I thought of a few 'N' flowers but couldn't find one to photograph. Other than an odd suggestion by my mother that meant lying on the path of some random neighbour that we didn't know, clutching a camera. I want to complete my challenge but I don't want to be arrested for it.

More fauna organised for tomorrow but also struggling with an 'O' for the flowers. Got any O's??

Should have a couple of cards for challenges completed by tonight ready to share tomorrow.

** Kate **

Wednesday, August 19

M is for ........

Meerkat ('Simples')
I hope good things come in 3's as 2 great things have already happened today!

1st - I've been accepted for a 6 month post on a design team. I'm shaking with excitement so much I can hardly type. I will do the big reveal once they have updated their website. But in the words of Victor Meldrew 'I don't believe it!'

2nd - I've won some stamps in one of Rach's ongoing give aways. They are some sentiments made by Whiff Of Joy, a company who make lovely looking products that I haven't had a chance to try yet.

Fingers crossed there might even be a 3rd bit of good news to come!

** Kate **

Tuesday, August 18

L is for .......

Lily of the Valley

Today's plan - picnic in the park with my mother and baby group.
If the weather holds it's going to be hot.

** Kate **

Monday, August 17

K is for .......

Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker)

Which I know I have a picture of but can't find it any where!

We've had a nice day here. Activities in the library this morning and then sat in the sunshine in mum's garden this afternoon. But, just a niggle of tooth-ache starting now. Hope to sleep it off.

** Kate **

Sunday, August 16

J is for ......

Jack Russell

Japanese Anemone

That's about it for today. Off back to the housework.

** Kate **

Saturday, August 15

I is for .......

Branston has been living up to his name yesterday on a visit to my mum's for tea. Not only did he manage to smash a bowl and a garden ornament , he also took an unauthorised dip in the paddling pool fully clothed. He literally is giving me nightmares.

I have been sorting through some old cards ready to sell them and clear the decks a bit. I found a few that I had made years ago, just plain black stamping on white. Decided to give them a life with the copic treatment.
Now that's just made me want some more colours. Does anyone know a really good pen for adding white highlights on top of other colours?

** Kate **

Friday, August 14

H is for .....

A bit of an odd shot for the horse! I have some nice ones of New Forest ponies but I just can't find them, so it was this or nothing.
Had time this morning to craft a little but forgot to take the photos doh (smacks forehead with palm).

The children are off to their grandparents for the weekend (well the biggest 2 anyway). Crafting, tidying, gardening and reminiscing about what it was like to have just one child are on the agenda, oh and cricket of course. So it will be just me and Branston for most of tomorrow, but once he's down for a nap the craft stuff will come out.

** Kate **

Thursday, August 13

G is for ......

Made this card from leftovers yesterday.
I needed to spray a shape with glimmer mist for another project and remembered to put a spare piece of white card behind so that I could use the stencilled image that was left. I find it hard to get the beauty of glimmer mists in a photo. You can just about see the golden sheen on this one.
Background paper is by K&Co.

On to today which is not going so well. Started with rain but has cleared up nicely now. Headed out to take the children to holiday club and my sandal broke. August is not a time to buy sandals, according to the shops our minds should be on a nice pair of winter shoes. So, through necessity, a sum of money changed hands and I now have a nice new pair of walking sandals - the only ones in the shop - which to be fair had £20.00 off in the sales but still I could have done without the expense!

Then on to the bank to pay in all the children's birthday money. I had all 3 books to do in one hit. Oldest 2 were fine, then got to Branston and was told there was a problem. The account was closed and money transferred to another book. I was aghast, I think someone has tried to steal my baby's identity. Luckily the address on the new account was still mine and they are now closing it and transferring to a 3rd number to be on the safe side whilst they look into what has happened.

I know I am scatty and have fried my brain in childbirth but I am sure I did not do this, but they question you like you are brainless until you are half convinced that you did do it all along. I didn't, I didn't, I will protest my innocence. I wait to hear the outcome of their investigations.

** Kate **

Wednesday, August 12

F is for ......

Was actually crafting yesterday and completed an ATC from the scraps I had stamped for a previous project.
Used bubble wrap to stamp the background and Enchanted Gold embossing powder for the clock which is from a Heidi Swapp set.

Before I could move on to the card I was planning there was a shout from the Dinky Diva who could see a wet patch on the living room ceiling. I'd already cleared up a very soggy bath mat thinking it was the kids chucking water around, but it turns out to be a leak under the sink. That's the 2nd one now so there are tubs catching water under the cistern and under the sink!

** Kate **