Friday, October 31

Away with the Brownies

A bit like away with the fairies I think!

Just a quick note as we are getting the Dinky Diva ready for her 1st pack holiday, its a county trip, 500+ Brownies, eeek. That's enough of a Halloween fright in itself.


Yesterday was 'Structure'. We have been off into town looking for Tudor buildings for DD's holiday school assignment. This is the local cinema, with SMO and Small-N-Grubby (in red) just visible outside.
It was built between 1470 and 1483 so definitely Tudor.

Today is 'Passage'. Also taken on our trip was this shot of the boys walking through the north gate of the cathedral.
We know that the cathedral is medieval but the outer wall was built in the 1500's, more research needed to date the north gate.

That's it for today, crafting starts tomorrow!

** Kate **

Wednesday, October 29

Another day at the office

Yes, I know I'm blogging in the evening this week, I'm just very late for last night.

Yesterday's HS:MS:HS - 'Light'.

Decided to go for the fading light of the evening, saw it was getting dark out and had a look outside. Found a light coating of sleet and hail on everything.
It brightened up later and I went for my evening shot again.
Today 'Office'.

Here is mine.
Now when I said I had my computer on the new table I didn't mean it was all beautifully organised yet! Note the morning cuppa and biccies.

Day-dreaming of what I'm going to create at the weekend. Might get the Dinky Diva to help sort beads in advance - that should keep her happy. Please, please, please don't let me wake up Saturday morning with a creative block.

** Kate **

Monday, October 27

Busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy as always. Have moved the computer to a swish new desk where the key board and printer slide out from underneath on little drawers. The secret is that I found it on the pavement. yes, I do mean the desk! A new neighbour moved in and decided they no longer wanted it, left it on the pavement 'free, please take ' and so I did. The Supreme Commander is unimpressed though as the very comfortable typing position means I no longer need the wrist rest and as it was well chewed it went in the bin.

Half-term started on Friday for us and extends until Wednesday of next week. I'm planning to blog once all are in bed but I will have to be better organised as I need to still take my HS:MS:HS pic in the daylight, doh.

Almost broke my vow not to buy any Christmas craft supplies when I saw some clear stamps on QVC with some classic Christmas images on. They had sold out by the time I reached the phone.

These will tempt me to break my ban though. I want the birds, silhouettes and Xmas in New York just as soon as I can find somewhere with them all in stock.

Just me and the baby at home this coming weekend. The Dinky Diva is off on her 1st Brownie holiday, Small-N-Grubby is staying with the out-laws and SMO is on a cricket training course. So my plans are :
  • Get lots of food supplies in - chocs, crisps gluten free cake and a bit of M&S fruit salad (can't be totally unhealthy)
  • Get lots of craft supplies in - perhaps I already have them, but a few more won't hurt will they?
  • Craft, craft and craft - when not looking after bub.

I will miss the family on the one hand but on the other hand I can't wait!

** Kate **

Wednesday, October 22


Today's HS:MS:HS - Moist.
Lashings of jam on gluten free toast. Can you believe I couldn't get my usual brand of jam, picked up a jar of Hartley's and there was wheat in it!!! Rant, rant.

Off to do lots of lovely shopping.

** Kate **

Tuesday, October 21


We got soooo wet yesterday walking to and from school. It was raining sideways! Even the Supreme Commander got soaked in his pram. Staying at home today to dry out before we nip out this evening.

Today on HS:MS:HS the word is 'Reflect'. Managed to find a couple of volunteers for this one.
Question :

If you sit a baby on your lap at the computer, eventually will he type 'To be or not to be.'?

Answer :

No, he will chew your mouse mat and pull out your USB cables.

On that note I think I had better finish up and go.

** Kate **

Monday, October 20

Get Set

Had a bit of a nostalgia trip at the weekend turning out the loft. Needed doing as there seemed to be lots of baby stuff missing that I knew I had stashed away somewhere. Whilst up there we found the boxes I had kept with mementos from each of the children's 1st year's. I'm so glad I kept all of the seemingly insignificant little things as the kids had great fun going through their boxes and asking about all the tags, gifts and cuttings.

These were among the things and fit in nicely with today's HS:MS:HS 'Set'.
Each of them has a set of animal cutlery, none of which are now complete, (picture is a mixture of 2 sets).

It looks like that's a family tradition as I found my own baby set and the knife doesn't appear to match.
Another busy week in the run-up to half-term. I shall be glad of a rest from running around to after school activities but the kids will expect their half-term social diaries to have been filled by me.

** Kate **

Thursday, October 16

Hold on

HS:MS:HS 'Hold', instantly knew what picture I wanted to share today.
Makes me feel all warm inside, which is good as I needed cheering up this morning. For the 1st time ever the Dinky Diva is in trouble at school. She can be a bit of a giddy, giggly girlie at times but other than that she is enthusiastic and 'a pleasure to teach' (I quote from more than one previous teacher). So it was quite a shock when she came home last night and asked to transfer to another school! This could turn out to be a clash of personalities with the current teacher, who we have never met. Headed up to school this morning with a lots of worried questions (took the heavies with me SMO and the Supreme Commander). When we got there she said she didn't want us to go in so I ended up having to write a hasty and rather untidy note to the teacher about our concerns. Now we wait and see, going back up mob handed to collect her so if she comes out in the same state as yesterday we're going in!!

As well as creating at school I've also managed to do some craft creating.

Found the ribbon to finish off the calendars.
Made them from thick acrylic, think I will try some acetate ones next.

Also saw these lovely pink and choccie beads in a shop yesterday and couldn't resist them.
The postman also new I needed cheering up (oo-er not quite how I meant it) he brought me this in this morning's post.
Thanks to the lovely peeps at

** Kate **

Wednesday, October 15


HS:MS:HS 'Stripes'. These striped bottoms belong to Tiny Targa (one of the Dinky Diva's fav friends ) and his new pal Stripes who arrived on DD's birthday.
Been shopping in the rain this morning, treated myself to some new beads, I keep buying beads and still haven't made them into jewellery. I must get cracking!

** Kate **

Tuesday, October 14


HS:MS:HS today 'Dip', not very appetising at all.
Wanted to share a dancing Elmo that I had found but I can't make him work at the moment, I'll have to have a play and see if I can get him sorted.

Tried to do some internet shopping yesterday but the Supreme Commander thwarted me at every turn, I think SMO has him in training. I am determined to try again today.

** Kate **

Monday, October 13


Hs:Ms:Hs today is all Autumnal. Mum has these in her garden at the moment and the colours shout Autumnal to me. I wonder if I could get them to grow, I suspect not.
A beautiful day yesterday more Summer than Autumn, spent at the out-laws. Mainly sitting on the patio and watching others work.
In the end it was all very tiring for a certain little person who decided the best idea was a nap with Dad-dad.
Finished a speedy 80th birthday card for a train fan.
Busy week ahead as it's parents evening time again, I think today is the only day I don't have to go out after school.

** Kate **

Friday, October 10

Look 'ere

PC is just about back to normal. Everything on the screen went Mr Magoo large and crashed before you could click on enough buttons to reduce it back down. Just left with very slow scrolling which I can live with, for a couple of days!

Today's HS:MS:HS (now that I can't quite get used to) is 'Look'.
Nuff said about that I think.

Busy day tidying up today as I didn't get it done yesterday. The Dinky Diva has had an accident in her room this morning tripping and falling on to toys. A few cuts and bruises but OK. Made it my 1st priority and got it all cleared up. Now to tackle the living room.

** Kate **

Thursday, October 9

Pooter probs

Computer problems today, brought on by SMO taking the day off to work on said computer. I've only been allowed on to try and fix things, "Yes dear I've nearly sorted it".

Have had some entertainment though as a neighbour is moving out today using what appears to be just himself and one transit van for a family home full of stuff, back and forth, back and forth. The professional removal vans for the incoming family have been outside our house since 10am this morning and have only just started to unload them at 4pm. Beware unhappy removal men.

** Kate **

Wednesday, October 8


HS:MS is relaunched and is now Her Space:My Space:His Space.

Not much more to add today as I have a little helper on my lap dismantling the wrist rest!

** Kate **

Tuesday, October 7


Today's HS:MS is 'Split'.

Plenty of these hanging around crafter's houses I'm sure.
Almost too dark to take a pic today. Rain lashing down. I'm off out with Himself later for a taster session of baby massage. I tried with both of the others when they were little and its great fun.

Looking forward to HS:MS tomorrow as a bit of a revamp is being launched and I should have time to play around with some photos.

** Kate **

Monday, October 6


A tranquil, if wet, weekend here. Managed a bit of gardening but still no crafting. I have craft withdrawal symptoms!!

HS:MS 'Tranquil'

A lovely reminder of the last holiday we went on in June 07, we had the whole section of beach to ourselves.
Craft day TSV arrived this morning so I am determined to get some crafting done, off to look through it right now.

** Kate **

Thursday, October 2


Not sure if I will be able to find a beam today for HS:MS as we have to leave in a minute to go and for Himself's 2nd lot of baby jabs.

Good day yesterday, didn't buy much which is probably a good thing too. Now planning my annual Hobbycraft trip, soon me thinks as the Haskins garden centre next door has confirmed that their Christmas decs are up!!!

** Kate **

Wednesday, October 1

Unnatural perches

A couple of very unnatural perches for HS:MS from my travels today.

A fat plastic blue-tit.
And a very vibrant parrot with a quizzical look on its face - maybe due to my sister having her hand up its bottom!!
** Kate **

Secret Kisses

The Supreme Commander has started giving out kisses to anyone who asks, they used to only be secret Commander kisses for mummy only, I am not impressed.

Today's HS:MS is 'Perch', off out for lunch so I will see what I can find perching while I'm out.

** Kate **