Thursday, July 30


Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Gate'. I've chosen to share an old picture today for 2 reason's. 1st I have forgotten to charge either of my camera batteries and haven't taken a photo for 2 days. And 2nd, the Small-N-Grubby one was poorly yesterday, with a chill I think. So I have chosen a pic of him hiding behind the veranda gate on holiday several years ago.
He is much better today, phew. Today is going to be one of the nicest days we have had in a while so I should be able to get him outside for a bit.
I have been crafting as I found a design team contest to enter. Will be able to share some pictures soon of the 'things made with leftovers'. Providied I charge the camera batteries of course.

** Kate **

Tuesday, July 28


Yes today's HS:MS:HS is 'Polychromatic', many coloured.
The BasicGrey challenge blog is back online and there is a major giveaway to mark the re-launch. Find out about it and see the new look site here.

Off to take advantage of another break in the weather and get the kids outside.

** Kate **

Monday, July 27

Summer Holidays


It's raining, they've been up since 6am and have only stopped asking for food for about 12 seconds. I love the summer holidays.

Branston's asleep again now so a quick chance to blog about the weekend.

Sunny on Saturday so we popped over to SMO's cousin's for the afternoon.
Sunday we went swimming and attempted to do some tidying in preparation for being stuck in the house for weeks of summer bad weather! And we were right.

They built this to amuse themselves this morning (Branston's in there somewhere in this shot).
Inside it looks like this.
A short break in the rain allowed us to walk up and down the road (mainly to tire the baby). Then by 11.30 I caved and made lunch!

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Tool'.
Off to get my 1st cup of coffee of the day.

** Kate **

Saturday, July 25

Wisdom for the Weekend #1

Now what did I say about not blogging things all deep and meaningful in my last post, famous last words, or what? The fabulous Sue (yes, ok you can still be fabulous despite putting this idea into the heads of Anita et al!) had an idea that HS:MS:HS has picked up on for an across the weekend challenge.

So this weekend's bit of wisdom is "The sacred lamp of day Now dipt in western clouds his parting day" by William Falconer (from 'The Shipwreck'). So I will admit that I am not fully sure what it means, but definitely tis to do with sunset so here is the setting of the sun here yesterday.Amongst the flowers given to me by my sister, thank you muchly. Also got other flowers, chocs and stuff yesterday, can't think why.

Oh and Sue if you're reading I have lost the password to your blog (yet again). If you're still blogging can you e-mail me it (e-mail details in my profile) Ta.

** Kate **

Thursday, July 23


The title makes it sound like today's mumblings will be deep and meaningful.....well they won't. 'Reflect' is in fact today's word at HS:MS:HS. Whilst wandering in the garden looking for photo opportunities I took this. Looking in through the kitchen window where the pot of flowers is sat that I photographed for yesterday's prompt.
Sent the 1st lot of teacher's presents up with Small-N-Grubby today.
Yes, the plants survived.

The Dinky Diva still has to go in tomorrow.

** Kate **

Wednesday, July 22


Today's word at HS:MS:HS is 'Celebrate'. Here we are at a picnic to celebrate the end of another school year.
Just a couple of days left to go at school, although numbers are dropping as some parents seem to be staying away because of swine flu. Not that their children have it you understand, they have just decided to isolate themselves. This isn't a very practical thing to do and, unless everyone else shuts themselves in their house for a week, I can't see it being very effective.

Finished the teachers cards,
and present labels.
Managed to make it all from one sheet of 12x12 double sided My Mind Eye card and some scraps. Now I just have to keep the plants alive for a couple more days!

Just have to add a bit of decoration to some plain plant gift bags I bought for 50p at the garden centre.

** Kate **

Tuesday, July 21

"The receptacle on the right"

I have a complaint to make about HS:MS:HS. Today's word is 'Receptacle' and ever since checking the blog site 1st thing this morning all that is in my head is a Baron Knights song. A take-off of a Boney-M record, something to do with dentists and my head is full of "The receptacle on the right, no the right". If there is any justice at least one other person will now have that permanently emblazoned on their brain!!

Here is my chosen receptacle.
Branston has been a bit of a muck monster of late. Mum has a new sandpit for the kids to play in this summer and he has been led in it, trod in it, thrown it and eaten it! Today he has been led in the dog's bed. If there is any truth to the old wives tale that a bit of dirt (or a lot) helps boost children's immunity then he will be alright.

He didn't sleep well last night and all the muckiness must have worn him out. So I have a second offering for receptacle and I notice he has a receptacle in there with him too.
** Kate **

Monday, July 20

500th Post!

Yep I've been nattering on that many times and, like it or not, I'm not about to stop!!

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Crowd'.
What is a collection/group of frogs called? A leap, a squelch.

Here's the present I finished this weekend. An exploding box with a candle jar (for fake candles) and a bracelet inside.
There was a matching card too , made from the BoBunny Calypso range.
That's June's birthdays sorted now on to July's, which includes mine, yeah!

** Kate **

Friday, July 17

Seeing Red

Yep we're seeing red in more ways then one here. But, today's HS:MS:HS beauty of nature is 'Red'. As promised my photo is not a flower.
Well it has got a flower in it and it's only red ish. My spotters guide informs me that it is a Painted Lady visiting from Africa for the summer. And we're very pleased that it has chosen to visit our garden.
I am crafting at the moment but my makes are for presents so I will post pictures once the goods have been handed over.

** Kate **

Thursday, July 16


Have been racking my brains to find something non-plant based for today's HS:MS:HS beauty of nature 'Pink'.

Took the boy for a walk and dropped a birthday card off at mum's where I spotted these beauties and gave up on the non-floral hunt.
Have got something for tomorrow though, yeh!

** Kate **

Wednesday, July 15


Today's HS:MS:HS beauty of nature is 'Purple'. It definitely had to be a purple flag iris for my offering, I wonder how many other people will choose the same?
That's about it for today, planning to re-shuffle some furniture. Kind of throw it all into the air and see where it lands!!

** Kate **

Tuesday, July 14


Today's HS:MS:HS beauty of nature colour is 'Green'. It's a wet day here and I'm not venturing much further than school and back so here is one taken a little while ago.
Concentrating on getting the house sorted out before the holidays. That way I will be able to find my craft stuff in the short amount of spare time I get!

** Kate **

Monday, July 13


Had a packed Sunday with Dancing Medals in the morning, and cricket combined with a visit to SMO's family in the afternoon.

Forgot to mention in earlier posts that this little dancing angel has fangs!
Everyone join in now "all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth".

Took a card with us for SMO's dad. Made using some extra critters I stamped for Friday's card. The letters are from a gorgeous pack of Heidi Grace die-cuts.
This week's HS:MS:HS has a beauty of nature theme with a different colour each day. Today is yellow and having used photos of both the yellow flowers in my garden in the last few days I needed to go in search of more.

Found this little weed and just managed to catch a buzzy before it buzzed off.
** Kate **

Saturday, July 11


Yesterday's HS:MS:HS was 'Climb', so this picture of Branston at the garden centre is perfect for the job.
Needed a fairly quick leaving card to take to Rainbows for one of our wonderful helpers who is off to uni. She's on her hols this week so it was a perfect chance to get all the girls to sign it.

By chance there was a suitable article in this month's Papercraft Essentials and I took inspiration from one of the cards. It featured a stamp of a mouse sat on a cat who was sat on a dog. I haven't got that particular one but it reminded me of my Patchwork Kingdom stamps. I stamped the creatures out on different papers and removed the teacups etc they were actually carrying and added other creatures instead.
I need a birthday card for Sunday and have a similar idea planned for that.

It's a bit of a dismal day today but captured this little fellow in the sunshine on Thursday.
** Kate **

Thursday, July 9


Had a lovely day out yesterday which ended with a visit to Hobbycraft, how fab. Bought a few things but was slightly disappointed by some uncompetitive prices and lack of the latest papers. The particular branch I visit has a good K&Co range and I hoped to have a look at the Sera Sera but there was none to be found. Did get some clearance bargains as well as a few cute bits and pieces which I will highlight as I use them over the next few days (I hope).

As it was a birthday treat I picked out a few presents, some scalloped nestabilities (from mum), plus a 2" circle punch (from sis) and a set of chandelier stamps (from SMO).

Called into Haskins for snacks and a little play for Himself.
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Naughty'. Here is the face of naughtiness itself, complete with ET pointy finger.
Completed a scrapbook page this morning. I have been doing tiny bits to it each evening, the only way I found time to get it done.
The big chipboard flower was one of my buys from yesterday. I chose the colours based on the rabbit's nose in the photo.

Accidentally made this little embellishment when I was clearing up some PVA the Dinky Diva had used.
I had put it in an old plastic biscuit container so she could work with it and this was what was left when I peeled away the dried up remains. I might have a go at making some more.

One last naughty thing which apparently has been investigated and found not to be naughty! (Although I am sure some people who like their privacy will disagree). For anyone in the UK a new mobile phone directory enquiries starts next week, where anyone can buy peoples mobile phone numbers. There is an article from the good old BBC about it here which explains where the numbers will come from and how to become ex-directory.

** Kate **

Tuesday, July 7

Busy Doing Nothing

Just not getting time to blog during my normal daily routine so decided to try an evening blog. Really busy at them moment, my diary is really full. BUT, big BUT, it's all school and kids stuff for the end of term. Just when I need some time to get on top of stuff with the holidays looming and free time is even more scarce than usual. No time for crafting or photo challenges. This weekend just gone we were asked to do 7 different things, well it's just not possible. What makes it worse is the attitudes of those we kindly declined, pouty faces, guilt inducing looks and in one case even snide comments.

Well the housework, crafting and tidying can wait. Tomorrow I have some me time planned with an early birthday treat for me and mum (both born in late July), courtesy of my sister. Cue the thunder storms, flash flooding and freezing temperatures, the weather always conspires against me.

** Kate **

Thursday, July 2

Post Pals

This week's Daring CARD makers challenge is to make a card for a sick child at PostPals so here is my offering.
Made with my new BasicGrey 'Lemonade' papers and McGill pine punch.

It's quite hard to decide who to send it to, I might have to make a few more!

The incredible warm weather has caused some alien life forms to develop in the garden. Some house leeks and a similar rock plant have decided to flower profusely.
This one makes me think of those little shrimps on Fingerbobs.
Will have to actually get out and do some watering in the garden soon or it will be like a desert.

Branston has been giving me trouble climbing out of his pushchair and highchair. I need some sort of baby suit with large weights attached to it that will keep him put!!!!

** Kate **

Wednesday, July 1

Birthday Boy

Here are the pictures of the birthday boy's party last week. Unfortunately, not too many as I had to go out and missed the cake and candles bit :(
Small-N-Grubby thought it would be a good idea to have a pirate party. I made some bunting and put up a few decorations.
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Unwanted'. It's dustbin day today, rather conveniently.
The Dinky Diva is at a hand bell rally at the weekend so I'm off to sort out a 4th of July costume.

** Kate **