Friday, February 29


"oooh I do like a bit of cake, man I loves the cake". And by chance it is HS:MS word of the day and Small-N-Grubby made these last night.
Melted butter, cocoa powder and golden syrup in a pan (guessed the quantities).

Put Shredded Wheat in a bag and bashed it up, stirred in the goo and spooned into cases. No prizes for guessing that they won't see Saturday.
Don't tell anyone but I had a bit of an impulse purchase of crafty stuff on the net last night. I am on a self-imposed ban at the moment due to the fact that I haven't had much time for crafting and I have plenty of materials already. That pesky David at Craft Obsessions keeps sending e-mails about all the lovely new stock he has in. The latest was from 'Little Yellow Bicycle' and I have ordered myself a little kit ready to make up some pages about my boys and some cards ready for boys birthdays.

** Kate **

Wednesday, February 27


HS:MS - Tower
A tall narrow construction, either free standing or forming a part of a building. Find a 'tower' in your space today.

Taken last year, really no reason why I shouldn't have got off my backside and gone out in the sunshine to take a new pic today!
Watched QVC yesterday afternoon as planned (and a bit the evening before). Disappointed that 7 Gypsies were on instead of DCWV. I like their ideas but their papers just don't do it for me. We R Memory Keepers on the other hand had some fab paper and scrapbook sets which I have on my wish list for the next time I have a big project to do. Love Anna Griffin - she's so unique. Got the idea for this little tag card from a paper folding demo she did. Just made up using scraps I had hanging around.
My food plan failed yesterday. The curry was yum and by 4pm I still felt full, had my 3fruit salad a little later on but by 8pm I was ravenous and raiding the back of the kitchen cupboards for a scabby hedgehog (well abandoned packets of crisps really). Ended up with late night snacking on cheese and an interrupted night's sleep. No earth tremors though - too far south.

Today I met a friend for an early cuppa and have been stuffing junk food ever since so the sensible eating plan will have to begin again tomorrow.

** Kate **

Tuesday, February 26

Back 2 HS:MS

Back to Her Space:My Space after the half-term break.

Yesterday's prompt was 'cuddle'. Took this very blurred shot during the hols at my mum's.
Today's word is 'fungus'. Had a quick look around the garden, wish I hadn't. It really needs a spring clean and it looks as though a memorial tree we planted has died over the winter. To top it all there was no fungus, unless you count the green slime that is lying in a thick layer across the patio. So here is some fake fungus from the craft cupboard.
Made that soup for lunch yesterday and have a veggie curry on the go for lunch time today. This means I only need to eat a 3fruit salad in the evening and I can go to bed without the dreaded pregnancy indigestion.

Did a bit of tidying yesterday and little by little I am making room for a crib/cot next to our (hopefully new) bed.

** Kate **

Monday, February 25

Die-Cutting Fun!

Here's what I won in a card making competition.At this point I must say thank you, thank you, thank you to Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine.

My 1st challenge was to get it out of the box! In the end I had to slice off the bottom with SMO's Swiss army knife.

Had a quick play and made this funky foam frame with the dies that came with the machine. Had a busy weekend including :
  • Post-viral rash to finish off my lovely cough and cold.
  • Small-N-Grubby's 1st proper school boy birthday party (queue requests for bouncy castle on his next birthday.)
  • Watching the Dinky Diva in her half-term ballet.
  • Finally catching up with my sister to give her birthday pressie nearly a month late.

And here is the photo of her present.

S-N-G is back to school today and the DD is at my mum's for the afternoon. I'm making home-made soup for lunch and then going to put my feet up until school pick-up time.

Tomorrow looks like an interesting afternoon on QVC - all American crafters - We R Memory Keepers, Anna Griffin and DCWV's Nancy Hill. Hide the credit cards quick!

** Kate **

Friday, February 22

All is well

Just a quick update to say all is well. A combination of half-term and finally kicking my orrible cold is not leaving any time or energy for blogging.

Feeling much, much better today. Managed to start being sick earlier in the week - sickness in week 23 - no thank you!!

Would have time to take some photos and have a play today, but a fab prize has just arrived in the post and I'm off to's a die-cutter, how lucky am I?????

Monday, February 18


'Hole'. A hollow place in a solid body or surface. Find a hole in your space today!!!
The Dinky Diva seems to be living on these at the moment. For those who don't know them they are Cornish Wafers and are a very crumbly cracker. She has them for breakfast and in her lunch bag (when did it become lunch, surely it was always school dinners?).

Yesterday's achievement : Did some crafting!

Yep gots some cards made (driven by necessity). Just simple ones but getting me back into the crafting bug. The 1st couple are based on ideas and colours in Jo Kill's article for last month's Simply Cards and Papercraft.
This last one uses up some bits from a project I hope to have coming up in a magazine soon.
It's the start of half-term for us and the Diva is already nagging. I'm anticipating trouble as she is in a half-term ballet show and is either rehearsing or performing every night this week! Cue ratty, over-tired and bad-tempered Diva - and me!!

** Kate **

Saturday, February 16


Kindness. Charity, compassion, friendship, and sympathy without prejudice for its own sake. Show us kindness in Your Space...

Guess who arrived this morning ................................ no not the baby it's a bit early for that, it was this guy (at least I think its a guy). He is a disgruntled knitted muffin of the raspberry and white chocolate variety and demonstrates the kindness of the Monkee Maker giving her time and money to raise funds for Ellie.

Here he is being welcomed to the family, although he looks none too pleased about it. Truth be told he looks none too pleased about anything!

Had yet another surprise in the post today. I had a card published in last month's Simply Cards and Papercraft. As has happened before, I sent it in for a competition and although it wasn't selected they have used it in their gallery instead. I think it's OK to show it as the issue is no longer on sale.** Kate **

Friday, February 15


As Small-N-Grubby featured yesterday it'sthe Dinky Diva's turn today (teacher training day).
Forgiveness. Sometimes called 'Patience': Resolving conflict peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. The ability to forgive, to show mercy to sinners. Show us forgiveness in Your Space...

Here she is begging for forgiveness for pulling the stair curtains down yet again.
Small-N-Grubby was keen to return to school for the last day of term as he was allowed to dress-up as a favorite classic children's book character. Here he is as Peter Pan with an over-eager Tinkerbell.
Feeling better agian today so fingers crossed I'm in the 'feeling better every day' stage.

Have to go as DD wants us to have a morning together and then she wants to go to her Grandma's for the afternoon without her brother.

** Kate **

Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentines

I woke this morning to find this.......
Not just a fabby box of delicious chocs but also a small boy who had been sick in the night and wasn't going to school! (I deserve those chocs!!)

Carefully peeled off all the ribbons and labels to preserve the beautiful box (I think it will make a great template for a wall decoration) and discovered this which ties in very nicely with today's.......

Diligence. A zealous and careful nature in one's actions and work. Show us diligence in Your Space...
One of the many reasons for which I love SMO very dearly!

Also preserved the memory of the beautifully laid out contents.
I can assure you it most definitely doesn't look like that now. YUM.

My present in return is going to have to be a belated one, as crafting has taken a back seat to illness at the moment. Saw the doctor this morning (wanted to be extra careful in my condition!). I don't have an infection - just deaf, coughing, wheezing and gasping away still, but at least I am reassured that no harm has been done.

Another bit of excitement for me - I have won a hand knitted creation from the Monkee Maker in Ellie's raffle, how lucky am I!!

** Kate **

Wednesday, February 13


Charity. Generosity, willingness to give. A nobility of thought or actions. Show us charity in your space...
Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday.

Thanks too to Kate and Bambi who both pointed me in the direction of Ticker Factory for my countdown. By the way there is no significance that it is blue, we said we didn't want to know in advance. I'll scan some of the scans pics in for a bit of a guess though. Won't be today however as I have Guide Association census and end of year accounts to do. Whoopeee!!

** Kate **

Tuesday, February 12

BIG news!

Yep the time has come to announce the details of the BIG project I am working on for 2008. Wait for it...................................yes we have another baby on the way!! Looking for one of those countdown thingys you can put on your blog if anyone knows a good provider.

So now the reason for all the frantic house reshuffling becomes clear. Forgot to blog an achievement for the weekend. We totally cleared out the huge cupboard under the stairs and have finally made room in it to pack away the Christmas tree and decorations. Now that we have dug out all the put away baby stuff I am disappointed by my own efficiency - I have saved too much. I have already been salivating over catalogues of gadgets and what nots but it looks like the 'need to buy' will be minimal. I feel this means I can get away with buying a few luxury, make your life easier items, surely it would just be saving money??

Temperance. Practising self control, abstention and moderation, and resisting temptation. Show us temperance in your space...

Can't claim that much abstenance has gone on here! Took photo inspiration from SuzyB who has been torturing her son with mini choccie eggs. Got the pic suprisingly easily and I still have all my fingers!

As for crafting, I have loads of baby projects in mind as this will be my 1st child since I really got into the crafting bug. The same catalogues which are inspiring me to spend also have loads on things in which you look at and think 'I could make that, surely people aren't buying those' etc. Let the crafting commence...........just as soon as I've finished clearing out the bedroom and got the new bed in (I'm afraid ours will colapse under my weight before I get to due date).

** Kate **

Monday, February 11

Chaste Place

HS:MS has gone all virtuous this week starting with today's word 'Chastity'. All I can think of is Hattie Jaques in Carry on Camping wearing an ill-fitting yellow t-shirt with 'Chaste Place' emblazoned across her chest. Can't find a pic of it so the thought will have to be my contribution for the day.

Meanwhile, I haven't finished sinning from last week yet. I missed the final 2 sins at the weekend.
The cold is feeling a lot better (after a bit of a blip at the weekend) and hope to get out in the sunshine this afternoon. As for crafting - well we can but hope.

** Kate **

Friday, February 8


Feeling a bit better today so hopefully just have to see off the tail end of it.

Wrath - inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. These feelings can be manifest as vehement denial of the truth, impatience with procedure of law, and a desire to seek revenge.' Show us Wrath in your space.

This incurrs my wrath.
Of course we are assured that it is a larger whale and an unrelated smaller whale who is most definitely not a calf!

And on a lighter note.
Family fun day at church tomorrow so may go for a while and then leave SMO there with the kids while I make the most of the peace and quiet at home. We have also been invited to a party tomorrow evening - adults no kids! I think this is a first for SMO and I since starting our family, so hope to have the energy to pop in for a while.

** Kate **

Thursday, February 7


Sloth - first called the 'sin of sadness', now described as melancholy: apathy, depression, laziness and joylessness or the failure to utilize one's talents and gifts. Show us Sloth in your space.

This really is a good one for me today. I've spent most of yesterday and all of today so far in bed. My cold has taken a turn for the worst and my sinuses are exploding (well that's what it feels like anyway). The bedroom is carpetted white with tissues and I can't even be bothered to work on the project I laid out last night ready.
Not even in focus but being a true sloth I couldn't be bothered to take it again.

But after all tomorrow is another day.

** Kate **

Wednesday, February 6


HS:MS - today's word is 'Greed'.
Greed (or avarice) is, like lust and gluttony, a sin of excess; applied to the acquisition of wealth in particular. Show us Greed in your space.

I could take more pictures of chocolate but to be honest it never stays in the house long enough to be photographed. There is another aspect of my life which I cannot deny involves the sin of greed...................
The Amy Butler pad is out as I plan to be creative tonight. Can't give details right now as I am planning a surprise for someone.

Yesterday's achievement - Wash Day (what a thrilling life I lead!).

I'm sure that most crafters and players of HS:MS will have heard about this by now, but just in case. Ellie Wiseman (daughter of photographer,crafter and HS:MS founder Kirsty Wiseman) is raising money to go to America for treatment.
You can read all about the Ellenor Wiseman trust here and check Kirsty's blog for other ways to join in with fundraising like raffles and auctions.

I had a frantic call from SMO this morning as he walked the kids up to school for me, "get my best trousers out ready, I'll call in on the way home." Turned out he had bent down to sort out Small-N-Grubby's shoe and split his work trousers right up the back, much to the amusement of mine and lots of other kids!

** Kate **

Tuesday, February 5

Celebrity Hijack

Well maybe not celebrity but SuzyB and Andrew (a couple of HS:MS regulars) have hijacked the photo prompts for the next couple of weeks and will be tempting us on the subject of the 7 deadly sins. Yesterday kicked-off with 'Lust' which brightened up what was otherwise looking like a dull, feeling sorry for myself kind of day with photos ranging from the brave to the hilarious.

I sent a text to SMO whilst he was in Tesco at lunchtime to see if they had any lustful choccie items (chocolate bottoms or those 7 deadly sins magnum lollies) he replied no joy but he had picked up some carnel shortcake. Well I assumed my photo was in the bag (literally the Tesco one) and waited with anticipation. It turned out to be a predictive text typo and they were just ordinary caramel ones.

SMO offered to pose (don't worry I turned him down) but I was reminded of another dessert he gets the name muddled on and the result was this shot.
Yesterday's acheivement : Got out of bed!

Small-N-Grubby and I are feeling much better today and he has been sent off back to school. The Dinky Diva is starting to complain of a sore throat though, so I better make the most of my day and get some stuff done in case I have her home tomorrow.

Today's HS:MS - Gluttony
Derived from the latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow, gluttony is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste. Show us Gluttony in your space.

Here are the carnel shortcakes. If you eat gluton free and haven't discovered them yet they are divine, whole packet in one go yumminess.

Off to try and make an achievement list that will fill the whole of tomorrows blog!

** Kate **

Monday, February 4

Grotty Colds

Small-N-Grubby and I have grotty colds and are having a day off. Which is just as well having looked at the subjects for HS:MS this week! Will catch up tomorrow if I can think of a piccie - but it won't be my bottom!!!

** Kate **

Friday, February 1


A linear material often made from twisted cotton or hemp. Find 'string ' in your space today.
Yesterday's achievement : Got some tidying up done in the kitchen.

The Mars bar was purchased and fortified me as I walked up the hill, the weather was also good and I stayed dry. Small-N-Grubby, however, slipped in some mud and landed face down in a puddle. You wouldn't believe the amount of hassle such a little slip up could create. First of all there is the sobbing and "I'm just not having a good day speech", then I had to wash his coat when we got in. Being a nice thick winter jacket there was no way of drying it for today and, as snow is predicted across the UK, I sent to Grandma's where next winter's coat is already in storage. The Dinky Diva goes off on one " he's got 2 coats, it's not fair, I want that bigger coat, it WILL fit me....." and so on. I have to guiltily admit that some days I do like the peace and quiet when they have both gone to school!

Off to bake now as there is a cake sale after school this afternoon.

** Kate **