Monday, March 31

I'm forever blowing bubbles

Well that's what it felt like this morning trying to get a shot for Her Space : His Space (Kirsty is taking a break and boy blogger is taking her space). Of course the kids had bubbles in the garden yesterday but I didn't get a picture. I used their leftover bubble mix to have a go but it's difficult to do the blowing and the photographing at the same time.


A thin sphere of liquid enclosing air.
Show us a bubble in your space today!

Here's what I ended up with.
Made a quick trip to town this morning, mainly because I needed some wrapping paper. Managed to resist lots of goodies in the Post Office but did pick up a little pad of 6X6 Amy Butler papers.

Have I ranted about my local health food shop before, I'm sure I have. The staff knowledge is pitiful and if they try to sell me something I don't want saying 'Oh this is the same product, it's just the packaging has changed' one more time I will scream.

** Kate **

Sunday, March 30

Snippet in time

Rather than 'Show Off Sunday' pictures today I have a snippet in time, a pictoral time capsule of my families activity on an unexceptional Sunday morning.
Wobbling the patio slabs

Trying to smash an old bed

Bothering me on the computer

Nothing laid on especially just a moment of our time - I feel a scrapbook layout coming on!!

** Kate **

Saturday, March 29

Murder on the Dance Floor

Decided to go to Rainbows yesterday for the 1st time in a while, the prospect of looking after 15 other people's children sounded like a break from looking after mine. SMO was making them tea and just as I was walking out the front door..................
Not 'Murder on the Dance Floor' more like 'Ketchup on the Kitchen Floor'. Needless to say I just carried on walking!!!

For today's Self Portrait Saturday I thought I would reveal the 28 week bump.Not exactly huge after the bug at Easter, but seeing the midwife Wednesday so hopefully the measurements then will be reassuring.

SMO's gone to cricket for the afternoon (pre-season pavilion and grounds clean up), it's raining and the kids are asking to watch 'Cheaper by the Dozen' for the 200th time. Was hoping some of my new stash would have come today but no, SMO picked up a couple of craft mags this morning though so maybe I will look at them whilst pretending to be amused by Steve Martin covered in scrambled eggs - again.

** Kate **

Friday, March 28

Just Chillin'

Yesterday went very well with the planned painting and then baking. The Dinky Diva was bossy and didn't stop eating/asking for food all day!
We did non-cook baking and made a jelly (you have to have jelly and ice-cream when your poorly), as well as shredded wheat cakes/sweets.

After that we had some fun freezing things, which fits in nicely with today's HS:MS - Chill.
A coolness in the air, a reduction in temperature, the onset of a cold or just plain chillin' out!
Homemade orange juice ice-pops on the right and experimental pineapple and yogurt lollies on the left. Got the idea from the channel 5 programme 'Breaking into Tesco'. Haven't tested them yet - wait for everyone to be off with food poisoning!!

Had a nice surprise yesterday when these winnings arrived. As our quarantine is nearly over I think I will wait a week for the school hols to try it out (with Grandma's help).

Getting ready to go to mum's now but after all that sunshine yesterday it's chucking it down today - typical.

Another impulse purchase yesterday, some K&Co Brenda Walton Brookfield, someone hide my credit card quick. That reminds me the kids had a lovely game of hide and seek yesterday afternoon, hiding their teddies. There was a lovely few minutes of silence where a stuffed tiger was doing the counting and both children went and hid - priceless.

** Kate **

Thursday, March 27

It's no fun

Being stuck inside on a sunny day with two perfectly well (but spotty) children bouncing off the walls who are not allowed to go out! I have left them painting in the other room and stolen a few moments on the PC, I guess I have all day to clear up the mess. Apparently we are baking this afternoon, or so they inform me.

We are going to my mum's tomorrow no matter what as it's only around the corner and she was in contact with the children earlier in the week, so like me, there is no avoiding them now.

I unwittingly lied as I typed yesterday. I had a call in the afternoon to say the lab didn't have enough of my blood serum left over to do all the tests. Ended up having to go and give more at the hospital yesterday afternoon to round off the day with the perfect ending. At least they now have before and after samples to play with, I gather it may be weeks before I hear anything back.

HS:MS today is 'Cup'.
A small bowl shaped container usually for holding liquids. Show us a cup in your space today.

With the new baby on the way (why do we say 'new' you don't give birth to old ones?), I decided it was time the older 2 went on to some more grown up crockery so we gave them these sets for Easter.
I guess they are mugs really, they came with egg cups but I can't find them.

My typing has been punctuated by the Dinky Diva screaming like a banshee at Small-N-Grubby so I think my time for today is up.

** Kate **

Wednesday, March 26

A spot of bother

Yes the spots are back with a vengeance and have been confirmed as most probably members of the measles family with 'Slap cheek' coming a close 2nd.

Needless to say they are no longer back at school and I have them at home for at least the rest of this week. Then there is only a week back before they get a fortnight off!!

Small-N-Grubby was very worried about a visit to the Doc but I assured him that if anyone had anything done it would be me - and I was correct, my antibodies are being checked out as I type.

HS:MS today is 'Fly'. I'll have a think about it but pigs might before I get a chance to have any time to blog/craft for the rest of the week.

** Kate**

Tuesday, March 25

Weird Weekend

Not the way I had planned to spend a bank holiday weekend! Didn't personally take the children out anywhere, not a single photo taken despite lots of flurries of snow and very excited little people, and not a single second of crafting.

At least SMO was here to entertain the children, take them out in the snow and shopping to spend some Easter pocket money (Jungle in my Pocket and a Spy Kit!). Mum supplied us with 4 tins of baking (thank you) and all that was left for me to do was sit and suffer.

To end things off the kids got up on Sunday morning with identical rashes on their backs and arms, so we had to cancel their planned swimming trip. Had a nice afternoon though with the out-laws and kids squidged on the settee watching the Wizard of Oz, being spied on and having secret messages shot at us by a Small-N-Spotty spy.

All spots were sufficiently faded for a return to school today, they both literally begged me to let them go!

HS:MS today is 'Balance'
An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady or creating stability in your own mind. Find balance in your space today.

Guess which I have eaten more of today :
Yep ....... Easter egg for breakfast this morning! Feeling better but quite tired after a wander to town yesterday to get some air. So I think a lazy day pottering around the house today, although I must avoid all shopping. I've already bought some stitched rub-ons from the QVC outlet show this morning!

** Kate **

Sunday, March 23

Stomach Bug


Wednesday, March 19


HS:MS - 'Peg'
A clasping device used to hang or hold down. Go find us your pegs.

This is what your washing would look like if you were Snow White and all the little woodland animals came and did your housework for you!
Another trip out today, where Tesco failed Waitrose was able to provide. Got most of the bits I was missing, just need to go to the local nursery shop and order the bigger stuff that I don't have left over from the last 2.

Over at the Daring Card Makers the theme from Friday was teenagers cards, so here is my try at being cool or should I type book?
Made from lots of leftovers, with the letters cut using a Xyron Personal Cutter (XPC):
  • BasicGrey - Periphery
  • Colorbox - Flavia
  • Little Yellow Bicycle - Zach's life

** Kate **

Tuesday, March 18

Book and blanket

Woke up yesterday with an incredible urge to tidy. Roped mum in and had the living room practically done before she arrived. Then between us we tackled the kids room, where I was having difficulty manoeuvring my bulk around various obstacles. I think all this activity must be due to the start of my 3rd trimester, there really isn't that long to go now before I resemble the Goodyear blimp and am unable to do anything but veg in front of the TV - I wish!

Haven't been on HS:MS again this weekend, I will get a bump self-portrait ready for Saturday. Yesterday's prompt was 'blanket'.
Fabric sheeting to cover, warm and disguise. We all have blankets - which is your favourite?

There's lots of cute little blankets being washed and aired around the house at the moment. I couldn't resist this one.
Today's Hs:Ms is 'Book'.
Bounded collection of pages or to determine a reservation - give us books!

I do like my Harry Potter's.
The Dinky Diva informs me they are to stretch book 7 into 2 films making a total of 8 and presumably several £100m pounds more!

After all that activity yesterday I am rewarding myself with a bit of a crafting day today. I have started a mini book about the boy with some photos of when he was one and also have some new beads to play with.

Did manage to alter my baby diary over the weekend. Turned out a bit pink, was unintentional/subliminal!
** Kate **

Friday, March 14


Yes, the Grubby one is back to school today, don't get me wrong he is a joy to look after but he did wear me out with all those extra trips up and down stairs.
A plants power of reproduction. Find some 'seeds' in your space today!
All waiting for me to get a nice weekend free, tidy-up the garden and sow them direct outside. I'm thinking with the new baby that the summer hols will involve a lot of garden play for the older 2 and these should make it look bright and cheerful with NO maintenance.

Had planned to wander in to town today and raid Mothercare but it is wet and miserable so I decided not to risk my persistent cough and stay at home instead. Will wander up to school this afternoon IF it brightens up.

Had an impulse purchase from good old QVC the other day.
I like the bright colour combinations. The 8x8 pad is thick enough to use for cards and I might use some of it to cover my baby diary as well. Whilst I love the liberating feeling of blogging my thoughts for the world to read there are still some baby related things I want to privately get off my chest/out of my head and I find a good old fashioned diary ideal. It started after I had the Dinky Diva (just known as Kitten back then, Diva tendencies came out later!). I just couldn't settle without the birth playing through my head like a movie every time I tried to shut my eyes. It is such a traumatic life changing experience you don't want to forget but you do need to let go, so a blow by blow account went into the diary allowing me to at least empty one thing from my overflowing brain. Now there are two diaries stashed away in the children's memory boxes in the loft and another is just getting underway.

It really looks miserable out, I feel retail therapy coming on. Might confess to my purchases tomorrow. Must also get to one of my local bead shops as I noticed some fab new stock in. The shop is just a minute away from the Doctors so I lurk in there until my appointment is due and then leg it round the corner to arrive right on time. If only all Doctor's waiting rooms were made that way!

** Kate **

Thursday, March 13

Thursday's news

Small-N-Grubby has been sick again this morning. Managed to get him to use the toilet this time although he wasn't too pleased about it. It isn't a very pleasant thing to do and if he was caught with his head down the loo at any other time he would get told off, so I guess you can understand his reluctance.

Didn't blog yesterday as I had a day out. Just how exciting does my life get - a trip to the out-of-town Tesco! Actually, I had been really looking forward to it as I don't get over that way very often. Had a big list of baby supplies, gluten free food and general stuff to get but was a little disappointed to find lots of bare shelves.
Was particularly looking for some newborn clothes but they had every size other than that left. So we combined the trip with a look in Matalan, where I got another few bits but had the same sizing problem.

HS:MS looks like it's going to be a tricky week. Yesterday's was 'Listen'. Today we have 'relief'
Creating a mold that stands out from it's surface or a feeling of reassurance and relaxation. Find 'relief' in your space today. That's about it for today as I have to look after the boy, who has been demanding lunch since 9.25 this morning - not much wrong with him then!!

** Kate **

Tuesday, March 11


Had Small-N-Grubby home yesterday. He was brought home by his grandparents on Sunday evening and promptly threw-up all over the bathroom. Could have been a candidate for today's HS:MS photo but you'll be pleased to know I didn't have the foresight to photograph it.
Back to normal today.

An overflowing of a large amount of liquid. Find a 'flood' in your space today.

There is a lot of flooding about in the area, but as it's still raining out I'm not volunteering to go and look for it. Instead I have this to offer.
For anyone not familiar with this lady her name is Nurse Flood, she lives in Pontypandy and has her own ambulance; which as well as making the noises you might expect also plays a jaunty Caribbean tune. Pontypandy is full of dashing Welshmen such as Elvis Cridlington, Trevor the Bus and of course Fireman Sam.

Did manage to get the bed up on Sunday before my Nurse Flood act.
Not a great pic but you can see it is of the wooden shaker style variety. Another job to tick off the list. There was a slight delay in sorting out the bed and as the tools were out I fixed the kitchen door as well, so 2 jobs for the price of 1.

Going to treat myself today as having a "I do feel better now Mummy" child home yesterday was quite tiring. Will brave the rain to go and look for chocolate and then catch up on a pile of craft magazines that are waiting for me. Then off to S-N-G's parents evening later.

** Kate **

Saturday, March 8

New Bed!

We have ordered the new bed and it will be delivered by 9pm tonight. Kids are to go to the out-laws tomorrow while we assemble it and put back all the stuff we've had to move to get it in.

Busy sorting and de-cluttering.

Back with an update tomorrow.

** Kate **

Friday, March 7


Is there such a word? Well, yesterday turned into a very productive crafting day.
First HS:MS for today 'badge'
Insignia to advertise, show membership of or make a statement with. Have you got a badge?

This is my Fiskateers badge.
Back to yesterday. Decided the best thing to do was batch make the birthday cards as once the 1st one is done you can gradually make changes to the next without having to bust your brain. So here are March's cards plus the odd extra one.
Based around a packet of 3d embellishments and embossed cards both from Papermania.

My mum asked me ages ago to decorate her shopping bag as her friends at work use the same ones and they get them muddled (you know senior moments). Finally had the inspiration to do it from a cot mobile design in one of my catalogues.
Remembering that this week's DCM little extra was a tutorial on hand-stitching cards I then turned the design into this.
I was so tired at the end of all this, I propped myself up in bed to try and get rid of the nightly indigestion and fell asleep until about 3.40am. This means a pretty good night's sleep for me at the moment!

Off to deliver mum her bag.

** Kate **

Thursday, March 6

A Jar

When is a door not a door?

When it's a jar!

I wonder how many HS:MS players will use that joke (and I use the term joke loosely) today.

A wide-mouthed container made of glass or pot to contain food. Show us a 'jar' in your space.

The out-laws brought this honey back for us from holiday and I kept the jar because I liked the way it was made with an impression on the side to match the lid.
Attempted to get a shot of the jar by putting coloured paper inside, you can just about see what I mean!
Not very pleased with myself at the moment. There wasn't much on TV last night (I'd already watched Torchwood on BBC3 last week). Decided to make all the birthday cards I need for March. Just couldn't pull anything together, made a couple of sketches but that didn't help.

So off to have another go at this task today (one of the cards needs to be in tonight's post). Am sat here stuffing yogurt covered apricot pieces and just read on the bag thy have gluten in them - so perhaps today won't be a better day after all!

** Kate **
Forgot to say, saw the midwife yesterday and all is well. I was concerned by my lack of bump but everything measured up OK, so no worries. Judging by the size of my butt I must be storing it there instead!

Wednesday, March 5


Soft fibers that accumulate in small clumps. Find a bit of 'fluff' in your space today :)

There's only one major distributor of fluff around this place and that's the hairy happening herself.
Took this photo this morning, not that you'd know it as she is ensconced on the sofa as always. She is sulking a bit today as she had something orrible matted into the fur on her face and I decided the best option was to chop it off (hence bald patch in photo!)

It never ceases to amaze me how each of my pregnancies is different, when other people have said to me how theirs have been the same every time. I'm carrying really high up (what's the old wives tale for that? - boy or girl??).It's very uncomfortable and strange as there is nothing to keep up my maternity trousers, unless I do a Simon Cowell!!

Here's a couple of the scan photos, so any guesses is baby a him or a her?
** Kate **

Tuesday, March 4


Today's HS:MS is 'calm'.
Also known as serene or tranquil. Find some 'calm' in your space today!

This is my little calming indoor water feature.
One member of my family (the family that read this blog will be able to identify who from the terminology used) refers to it as "a big dribbly t**d"! It sits in my kitchen window and reminds me that I would love to have a beautiful Japanese garden like this one.
Instead I have a concrete jungle covered in dog poo. Hmm I detect a bit of an accidental theme to today's posting!
** Kate **

Monday, March 3

Mother's Day

This is how my Mother's day started. Woken by two small people with a camera!
I had a handmade card from each of them.

Dinky Diva
Also had some lovely flowers.
And as a treat to myself, my new stash from Little Yellow Bicycle arrived on Saturday, complete with shopping bag. Already used the bag to carry my magazines home from town in. I was very excited to find my first proper double page spread of cards was published in this months (issue 27) of Papercraft Essentials. Check out the Easter cards I did them!!!

** Kate **